You have new relationship, now what? Here are 10 New Relationships Tips to get you started.

Isn’t it exciting when you have a new relationship? And I mean a fantastic, skipping through the streets kind of amazing new relationship. Not the one with another one of those A-holes you have already had enough of!.

(If you still aren’t sure if he is the right guy, and you haven’t created a Soulmate Checklist pop over here and do that, ASAP!)

 When we start a new relationship we have to be very careful. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun, or that he is sexy, or treats us well. But truth is, both YOU and HE are on your best behavior. You want to make sure you are aware of how YOU act in the relationship…and be aware of how he acts. 

As time goes on, you will see things start to settle in and behavior and words start to slide.

Okay, not to be a Debbie Downer…maybe the won’t slide. Your job is to protect yourself and your heart.

Here are 10 New Relationship Tips that are really easy to follow and remember.

#1 Keep active in your own life. Remember, he was attracted to you for who you were when you met. If you lose touch with the important things you love to do, you become someone else.

#2 Don’t get overly curious about every detail of his comings and goings. Right now is not the time to have any expectation that you should know everything about him. More importantly, for your own sake, keep a few things private yourself.

#3 Don’t go overboard with big surprises, big dinners, big dates. Sometimes less is best when you are getting to know each other. When you invest so much emotional and mental energy you may think more is going on than really is.

#4 Don’t have sex too quickly. Take it slow. Why not wait until you are in a committed, monogamous relationship and have said “I love you?”

#5 Remember two sayings, what you see is what you get , you can’t change him AND if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Boy this is a hard one. There is a real balancing act between what you see, and what he is showing you! Be curious and aware.

#6 Think about the words I-Love-you before you blurt them out.

Hey what’s the rush?? You know your feelings and hormones are surging!! That is the whole point with new lust! Go easy on the emotional words you use. Sometimes if you say I love you too soon, not only do you put him on the spot, but you have almost “committed” yourself to follow through, good bad or not.

#7 He doesn’t have to meet your friends, your mama and your aunty all at once!

I know you think he is great, slow down. Not only can meeting new people be too much for him, it puts YOU into a position of being influenced by them. You need to make your own decisions.

#8 Pay close attention to how he talks about women.

After you have gone out a few times, and that exciting OMG fog begins to life, make sure you are really paying attention to how he talks TO OTHER WOMEN, how he LOOKS AT OTHER WOMEN and how he SPEAKS ABOUT OTHER WOMEN. Remember, as you get to know him, you want to ensure he has respect for women, that he isn’t objectifying women or talking negatively. Why not ask him questions like: What do you think about sexual harassment in the work place. Or ask him what he thinks of Trump and the women who accuse him of being sexually inappropriate.

#9 Make sure you understand what your love needs are.

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages quiz? It’s in the back of this book by Dr. Gary Chapman. The 5 Love Languages are simple was we SHOW our love and how we need to RECEIVE love. This book is so fun and is an excellent way to get to know yourself. AND why not have him take the quiz? You will both learn about the other person and start this new relationship off right. (for example; maybe you are someone who loves to hold hands while strolling around shopping….and he hates it. If you know he hates it, you can work together on how to handle that….instead of you getting your feelings hurt or thinking he is a jerk. Or you might find out, he is a jerk and not respecting how you like to be attended to)

#10 Remember to be yourself. Don’t dumby down, don’t hide your brilliance, don’t say you like something he does…when you don’t!

Nothing is sexier than knowing you are in a new relationship with someone who actually likes YOU. Someone who gets YOU. It’s such a let down when you hide who you really are, and then one day she shows up….and he doesn’t like her. Be you. Stay true to you.

Your guy is waiting for you to show up! He is wanting to have a relationship just as much as you are!!

I believe in you!

Here’s to your BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ.

And you fantastic New Relationship!


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