How to have less high maintenance clients or customers in your business

is critical for your sanity! For your time! For your pocket book! Understanding which clients on the ones you want to keep is key to making sure you don’t stay exhausted in your business!

You goal is to have clients bring joy into your life…and not drain your energy.

Here are the 4 Types of Clients Every Biz Owner Should Be Aware Of.

High profit – high maintenance

Low profit – high maintenance

Low profit – low maintenance

High profit – low maintenance

How to have the perfect client in your business

is critical to save you TIME. I agree with Michael Hyatt, when he says high maintenance clients are a distraction.

Watch the video to get more insight!


  • What is the benefit of each type of client…or is there one?
  • What each client is costing you.
  • If you have more of one type than the other….what is that telling you?
  • How to find more perfect clients….(hint: you probably aren’t doing this on a frequent basis!)

Click below for an example of a coaching agreement:


What clients you should KEEP, SEEK or FIRE

What clients you should KEEP, SEEK or FIRE. (example of a client agreement link below)4 types of clients every biz owner must be aware of so you make more money, have more fun and work less hard!You know the type of client that fuels your energy, you can’t even wait to see them, serve them or talk with them!!And then there was…..HER. The client who drives you bat sh*t crazy. The client you can’t stand and you don’t even know how SHE talked YOU into working together!One is a joy…and one is (hey, you fill in the blank)---here is the link to get a sample client agreement #mindset

Posted by Mary Bicknell, LCSW on Wednesday, October 4, 2017