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Mary Bicknell MSW Speaking

Mary Bicknell LCSW: 

Personal Growth & Development Coach, Author, Trainer, Biz Consultant, and Speaker 

A prevalent theme in today’s world is for women to realize they have a voice and it’s time to use it. Too often women hold themselves back and they deeply regret not speaking up, not going for it and not allowing that inner giant to come out.

What is so strongly needed is for women to fully understand they are capable of having everything they want in their personal and professional lives.

Learning how to work through fears, insecurities and worries are critical for women to excel. Developing simple, yet impactful skills are not taught within companies even though it is often the critical missing link to growing not just the company but the woman

Mary Bicknell, LCSW is President and Founder of — an International Success Coaching & Consulting company focusing on teaching women how to become the leader they need (and want) to be in life and in business.  She is the creator of several highly impactful programs.  

The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan™ is for business owners who need to push through what is stopping them from making all the money they want to finally create all the FREE TIME they crave.  The plan also teaches concrete skills needed to own their value, create fantastic offers and have impactful sales conversations. Part of the key is to move quickly into action, abandon their fears and learn that being BOLD is the key to their success. 

The Regret Proof Life® is Mary’s signature program and she is currently putting this into a book.  The program is based on years of working with women as a psychotherapist and as a success coach. The program supports women in 8 key areas of their lives. How you do one thing is how you do all things, this program helps women excel in the personal AND their professional lives. Within this program is the Big Breakthrough Formula, a tool that teaches women how to be in control of her thoughts, her feelings and her actions allowing her to have the results she wants in every area of her life.

Whether marching in Washington DC for women’s rights, lobbying at the Maryland Capital for the hungry, working in the inner city ghetto in Baltimore, or providing crisis intervention in the ER at Johns Hopkins, Mary’s mission for the past 25 years, is to find a way to help people see their capabilities. Mary combines her years as a Clinical Social Worker and a psychotherapist with her experience as a sales and cognitive behavioral trainer to help people worldwide have all the money they need to create all the time freedom they want….guilt free.

Mary earned her bachelor’s of social work (BSW) from Morgan State University. She completed her advanced placement master’s of social work degree (MSW) from the University of Oklahoma. And was the only one in her class to receive the Carl Albert Fellowship.

Mary embraces candor as a form of respect, never wanting to waste people’s time, “beating around the bush”. Her clients tell her that she gives them a kick in the a** while giving them a hug. She believes once you get your mental house in order, it is just a matter of creating a plan and implementing systems to achieve your goals. With time as her main driver, Mary works closely with clients to find effective ways to embolden them to get their B.S. (blindspot) breakthroughs done “already” so they can get on with having everything they dream about, because it is all possible. 

In addition to speaking all across the country, Mary has been featured in the news, has been a guest on various podcasts, telesumitts, magazines and she gives interviews in newspapers, podcasts, summits and magazines.

On a personal note, Mary and her family moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 when her husband, Lt Col John Bicknell retired from the Marine Corps. Knowing no one and not having a job or a house, they lived out their philosophy of #bebolditstime. When Mary is not busy with business, she is a mama to her 11 year old daughter, River, and a wife to John (who is her biz partner) and the wrangler to three black cats and a cute little mutt.  Mary enjoys hiking, drinking coffee over a good book, and zoning out to cooking shows.

Mary Bicknell delivers in spades! As a speaker myself and a program organizer I know what it takes to both educate and entertain. Mary spent time getting to know the audience before she ever got on stage, and she had everyone engaged throughout the whole talk. Thank you Mary for serving our audience at such a high level! You rock!

Kris Prochaska, MA

Tedx Speaker, Author, Mentor & Program Chair

Speaking Topics


The Regret Proof Life®: 

How to Breakthrough Your Mental B.S. and Have What You Really, Really Want. 

You Have the POWER to Have It All…Did You Forget?

There is an epidemic of women who are hiding how powerful they are, right? Most women don’t know how to show it or have forgotten because life got in the way.

Women are CRAVING to excel in their personal and professional lives. They want more time, financial and emotional freedom. By controlling their thinking, shifting their emotions and taking results focused action everything will be impacted. 

Learn powerful proven psychological strategies & mindset shifts to remove the fears & doubts keeping you from having everything you really, really want. Why not you?

  • The 5 step process to embrace your POWER and REGRET PROOF your life so you can be proud of yourself every single day. 
  • Make your NO your NO and your YES your YES. How to stop saying YES to the crap that doesn’t matter.
  • Fear: it’s your friend, not your foe. Your COMFORT ZONE is the jail keeping you from a great life. What to do when fear shows up. 
  • Identify 4 triggers that stop you in your TRACKS. It’s time to put an end to worrying you are being bi*chy, procrastinating, self-sabotaging, regretting or wasting your POTENTIAL. 


You are more powerful than you think you are. The Regret Proof Life® will have a huge impact on you being able to have everything in your personal and professional life. 



Other popular topics:

Shake Feeling Like a Fake, Fraud, or Imposter. What if you REALLY ARE as amazing as they say? How to be powerful, remove self-doubt and own your skills and voice. 

Have you ever considered the high cost to your life & biz when you suffer from feeling like a fraud, worry “they” are going to find out the truth and how Imposter Syndrome may be keeping you from having everything you want in life and in business Many high achieving, brilliant and educated women seek validation or permission from others instead of giving it to themselves. They wonder if they are “good enough” and look outside for the answer. Many lives are NOT fully lived because of this mostly female phenomenon.

Key Points & Take-Aways

  • How to eliminate self-doubt and recognizing you BELONG because of who you are….not because of luck. 
  • The Secret Thoughts Men DO NOT HAVE
  • The Top 5 Blindspots Keeping Success in the Dark
  • 3 overused words that DESTROY your authority and what to say instead. 

Every Woman Has a Story: Are You Living Yours or Someone Else’s?

Women are raised and conditioned to act and react a certain way…since birth. Why is it we stop, we hesitate, we question our own inner knowing? Why do women want more and fail to live full out? Because the ghosts of our past whisper their judgment. And unless she is BOLD and doesn’t give a damn what others think, she will live out a story someone writes for her.

Key Points & Take-Aways:

  • How to Identify YOUR Voice from the Ghosts of the Past.
  • Recognize 3 Key Places Your HISTORY is Halting You From Having the LIFE & SUCCESS You CRAVE.
  • You Come First. How To Put Yourself As a  Priority So You STOP Sabotaging Your Success. 

Your family is Just One Chapter in Your Story Book (ensuring you are not writing your child’s story so at 40 they not questioning the Ghosts of the past!!)

Master Your Money Mindset (learn to love your money)—-Workshop

What if your money was a puppy? Would it be fat and happy or sad and frail? Would it grow to support you and something you know you can lean on or does it seem to hide, never around when you call for it? In order to Master Your Money Mindset, you need to recognize how you are avoiding taking care of your money. Too, frequently women say they are “not good with money” or say “I don’t know numbers”. Well, if you can add 1+1 and get 2, you can understand money. And it is 100% necessary if you, as a strong, bold woman are going to take personal responsibility for growing your biz and growing your wealth.

Key Points & Take-Aways:

  • 10 Quick and Easy questions to uncover where you stand today with money.
  • The #1 Way to understand your money, start right now. 
  • How to develop a relationship with money, perhaps for the very first time.
  • The SINGLE Most Important Skill Successful Women Entrepreneurs Need to MASTER

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Mary Bicknell is truly a captivating and inspiring speaker. Her unbridled passion, energy, boldness, humor and ability to truly connect with her audience leave me wanting more. One of the many things I appreciate about Mary is her ability to be vulnerable with her audience in a way that allows the audience to really connect to her message in a more impactful way.

Jennifer Blankl

Tony Robbins Certified Relationship Coach & Strategic Interventionist, The Art of Fulfillment

The Alliance of Women Owned Businesses is always on the lookout for special programs for our monthly Power Series. We like to feature speakers who have a message to share that educate, empower and inspire our members who are entrepreneurs, business owners and office managers. We had the opportunity to learn, from Mary Bicknell, what it means to be BOLD in business. Mary’s message is strong and powerful and she delivers it with confidence and the expected boldness that she models for every woman in her audiences. Thank you, Mary, on behalf of the Alliance of Women Owned Business, for traveling to give us a dynamic talk for our members and guests!

Dyann M. Lyon

Certified Healthy Edge Coach, Whole Health By Design

Our members LOVED LOVED LOVED you! And I just want to thank you again for being so incredibly gracious. The women raved about the fact you are so interactive and that allowed them to have many insights. Can’t wait to hear you again.

Suzie Conine

Coach & Managing Director, eWoman Network, South Puget Sound

Mary Bicknell completely brought down the house with her talk, giving our members a lot of great content, and inspiring them to be bold and dream big in their businesses! Mary really walks the talk of playing big in her career and in her life, and your audience will LOVE you for booking her.

Jeany Park

CEO CompassRose & Speaker Coordinator, CompassRose Video

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