You are more powerful than you know.

Sometimes though, that damn doubt creeps in and you question yourself…and that sucks. 


You have the answers inside, you just forgot.


Cuz life got in the way. The to-do list is long. The kids are sick. The dog puked on the carpet. Your boss is an ass. Your business is stalling.

You know. It’s. That. Life. Stuff. 

You have the power to have the life you want.

It starts with getting your head on straight.

    Let me help you.  

    The Regret Proof Life® is a proven coaching system designed to help you stop doubting and start doing all the cool stuff you are dreaming about.

    Or maybe just maybe, it’s time to start dreaming again!

    The mental b.s. floating around in your head is the cause of you being stuck. 

    We can fix all that.

    • I am frustrated. I work hard, but I’m not getting ahead fast enough. 
    • I am afraid to really go for it, what will people think? 
    • I am exhausted. I look successful, but I work all the time. 
    • I am too f’ing busy. Saying NO isn’t easy. 
    • I am surprised I have insecurities. I thought I’d have this figured out by this age!
    • I am worried. I have a (fill in the blank here with the BIG THING you have put off.. a book, a purpose, a business, a child, a calling) and I worry it’s too late to start it, do it or have it. 
    • I am pissed. I keep sabotaging myself…I’m smarter than this. 
    You have these thoughts and CRAVE freedom from them, right?
    There’s nothing wrong with you.
    You can have what you want.
    You have to stop waiting.
    You have to stop putting it off.
    The time is now.
    Your time is now.
    You are closer than you even realize.
    Cool thing, all of it is a skill you can learn.
    You get to come first. 
    Stop Doubting & Start Doing So You Can Have What You Really, Really Want?…Cuz Why The Hell NOT?

    Hey, you & your future-self deserve to be happy & proud….every single day. 

    Freedom to be a mom Mary Bicknell

    Just for a moment, imagine.

    Saying YES to the life you want, you crave, you long for.