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If you love incentives & prizes, here you go, though, these are posted inside the group. 

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Coaching session Mary ($1000 value)
Self-Study Lessons for Business Growth ($500 value)
Big Money Mindset Breakthrough ($500 value)
Mary’s favorite books ($ priceless!)
How to have a chance for all the prizes AND get the most out of this experience, Team Bicknell will be keeping tracks of your points:
  1. make sure you are registered for this challenge so you get all the emails as reminders.
  2. book your 15 minutes Connect & Consult Call to get your #1 burning question answered:https://callwithmary.as.me/15minuteconsultcall
  3. join the FB group and jump right to the GUIDES area so you know where all the resources and replays will be placed.
  4. start your own thread and do a FB LIVE. Yep, do it NOW. Jump right in. The FB group is the safest place to share your wisdom, to show up, to get experience even if you have never ever done one before, or this is your millionth time!
  5. invite your professional colleagues into the group, the most invited over 5 will be invited to an exclusive coaching event.
  6. once they are inside the group, create a new post, tag them and me, “Mary, here are my friends (insert names)! We are ready to go!!” (for big bonus)
  7. find an accountability buddy, tag her and say, “hey, let’s do this together!” Make sure to connect with each other before every call, for the WatchParties, in the Homework Post!
  8. do the homework every day and put it in the homework thread inside the GUIDE area
  9. share your wins & your aha’s
  10. do a social media post on the platform of your choice, screenshot it and post in OUR FB group.
  • Who are you & what is your intention with this Challenge?
  • If you could accomplish one thing this week inside yourself or inside your business what would it be?
  • How would accomplishing this one thing make a huge difference in your life right now, this week?
Your niche is right under your nose and when you get the fact that you are already an expert at helping your clients, you will earn all the money you crave.
  1. Define your niche in 10 minutes or less (eliminate the confusion and get solid on your perfect ideal client)
  2. The game-changer TO SET you apart. Your PIC Profile (aka: your perfect ideal client) crystal clear on the difference between the social & psychological profile of your ideal client
  3. The exact PROCESS to connect on a deep & empathic level with your ideal client.
  4. How-to BEcome the professional your ideal client needs you to be.
The One & Done Process™ to create your custom program, course, package or offer in ONE HOUR. Guaranteed. Eliminate all the spinning, wondering what to include or how to structure your unique offer!
  1. Build your unique course or irresistible program (so your clients get results & want more)
  2. The exact process to get your entire program outlined with the tools & exercises you love!
  3. Learn the MOST effective way to make money BEFORE you even fully build out all your modules, lessons or videos.
  4. How to create an ASCENSION model program to create multiple revenue streams from a SINGLE launch.
Now that you’ve created your Signature, Unique Program/Package/Offer how to set the correct price to generate consistent income all while attracting the type of client who is ready & willing to invest.
  1. How to set the price for your signature program, and the how & when to offer upsells & downsells?
  2. Confidently understand the psychology of layering value and show real return on investment.
  3. Clearly articulate the value of your offer, why the dollar amount is what it is, and communicate the lifetime RETURN on investment.
  4. Using your ASCENSION model how to create a variety of profitable offers, evergreen/passive income offers and HIGH-TICKET
Let’s knock out your fears around being a smarmy pushy salesperson by creating a CUSTOM for your niche sales/enrollment/discovery call template exactly for that Perfect Ideal Client.
Even if you NEVER want to have a sales call, learn the non-pushy persuasion & aha statement to help a client make a decision.
  1. 20 Ways to get Sales Calls on your calendar NOW.
  2. Outline YOUR custom sales call, your custom responses to potential clients’ objections & feel 100% confident in conveying the VALUE of your offer.
  3. The 3 places to find your clients NOW
  4. Understand the 5 steps in the Art of the Ask Conversations.
Bring it all together. You’ve created your program, now to share it with the world. Let’s blow your mind by creating content EXACTLY based on your signature program, your NICHE and your unique self! (this technique is one in my private program. One client said she would’ve paid 5K JUST for learning this!)
  1. Create 90-days of marketing content in 20 minute
  2. Choose a social media platform & set up your marketing calendar.
  3. Draw in like a MAGNET your ideal client who says, “she’s reading my mind.”
  4. The secret to set yourself apart from the competition, the saturated market and become the NO BRAINER go-to in your industry.
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