Transitioning from a therapy model to a coaching model is easier than you think.

Here is a podcast I did for Selling The Couch. 

The host is Melvin Varghese, Ph.D. Wow, I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with Melvin. He has created a fantastic podcast and in fact, the podcast is one of the fastest growing in the mental health field.

Want to see a few of the bullet points that we talked about?

What We’ll Learn

  • How she made the decision to pursue coaching after running a private practice
  • Considering the limitations and getting over the stigma associated with coaching
  • The internal struggle of “betraying the profession, my degrees, and my ego”
  • The biggest challenges in the transition: Pricing and Marketing
  • Learning to put a value on your expertise
  • The lifetime return on investment when you learn to value yourself:
    • Help others feel better
    • Help others make time or save time
    • Help others make money or save money

(and so much more!)

I know without a doubt, when you build your business allowing yourself to transition or expand and add something that will provide a fuller range of services…you will have created your very own BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ!

And if you want a little more, check out this post: 10 Reasons to Add Coaching to Your Private Practice

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Already a coach and don’t practice therapy?

The podcast will still help you out!

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