Ever worry you are being pushy? or salesy?

Yesterday someone tried to really tear me down, saying I was a “heartless marketer”.

She said this because I posted about being BOLD and living a Regret Proof Life ™.

What she said was crazy!

Thankfully, I have gotten over all of the BS people sling about selling.

I mean, really just now, I had to sell my 11 y/o daughter, River, on doing her chores before she left for the bus!!

Give me a break already with the “you have no heart, you just want money….” BULL.

So, I decided to put together a little training for those who worry about being pushy! I think we have all felt like this, feel free to join me! Today. 11 a.m. pst: FB live personal page: HEARTLESS SELLING. What pushy looks like!


1. Put script in the comments and I’ll send you the link to get my sales script. or just grab it here: https://www.marybicknell.com/closingthedeal
2. Think about where you feel resistance with your selling. Is it during the initial set up of the call? Is it when you pivot to the investment?
3. Do you believe in the VALUE of your offer? If not, how can you tweak it? YOU must be sold yourself!
4. Lifetime: Return: On: Investment: LROI: Think about how what you do and what you are selling with LAST THE lifetime of the client.

Here are 3 areas to think about wit LROI:

a. Emotional or physical changes. How does your offer impact this?

b. Time? How do you save time for people? Often it is so they can stop their endless search for the answer! or getting organized/systemized.

c. MONEY? do you help people make money? save money?

AND how do you think your own money self-worth is impacting your pivot to the investment??

Pop me an email if you want more info Mary@MaryBicknell.com

Most importantly, if you are even concerned that you are pushy or salesy….you probably are the OPPOSITE and need to learn a few skills.

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