How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (or don’t).

Yeah, maybe choose and DON’T STOP.  

What?  To do?

It’s easy to get into a place of comparing yourself.

Do this instead. Try to indulge in your inner stalker.

Maybe it’s not even worth it to learn how to end the cycle of comparing yourself!

Do you spend time online looking at what all the “overnight successes” have done?

Do you think, “OMG, look how much further ahead she is.” or “She just started her practice a few years ago…how does she have so much free time?”

Try this. Yes, maybe it is not what you thought you “should” do….but ALLOW yourself the time to do this so you won’t feel bad about wasting anymore time.

Yeah, maybe you will discover something great….about yourself.

Maybe when your inner stalker comes out you will really make a decision whether you even need to stop comparing yourself!



Want more about the psychology of comparing yourself? Check out this article….here

Maybe you just need a good ole’ breakthrough so you can see how badass and fabo you really are.

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Life changing sh*t, right??

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