How can you take time off and still come back? You probably wonder,

How to Build a Business That Will Allow You To Do Whatever You Want Whenever You Want!

10 Tips To Support You In Building A Sustainable Biz

Recently, I took 9 months off and still closed almost 30K in business my first month back!

Now, what I mean by taking time OFF.

I don’t mean I just walked away and abandoned my business. No.


Yes, I still serviced a small number of people. Yes, I still wrote down ideas. Yes, I still sent emails to my list, though, not with the same frequency. Yes, I still maintained some of my connections.

BUT, I was not working it like I do 3 days a week….now. Or before when I was in building mode.

This is the whole entire point of building a business is to do whatever the hell you want, whenever you want to do it. AND to build something that won’t fall apart if you take some time off.

Now, granted you might not take off 9 months (remember, I have been overseeing the entire restoration of our 1936 historic registered home), but, you sure want to take some time off!

A vacation.


Work just a few days a week or month.


Play “hooky” one day!

How can you make this happen??

But, before we get into how to do this. Honestly, not every business model may lend itself to this. You may be such hands on, or you may not have developed consistency yet, or you may not have a product yet, that taking 9 months off would be completely UNREALISTIC.

So, that’s not the point here.

The point is to share key tips I have used to maintain my business and still “restart” it and have a great first month back.

The keys here are such foundational pieces, I know if you execute them, you will begin to better understand the truth, you have to build a machine, or you have to build solid foundation to be able to have the business that you love and gives you more TIME FREEDOM. No matter how much or little that is for you!

BOLD ACTION STEPS: 10 Tips To Support You In Building A Sustainable Biz

  1. Consistency of MESSAGING. Are you known for one thing? This is what gives you traction. This is how you become EMBEDDED into people’s brains. For example, I am known as a biz strategist and coach who kicks my clients tail all while giving a hug! People know I want the best for them, and being the best means taking strategic action, taking a stand for something and being brave enough to execute it! Decide right now, what you STAND FOR in your business and begin talking ONLY about that one thing. For example; Do you focus on ONE area of your business, build it to a money making level and then broaden your message? OR are you someone who wants to just talk about everything? Talking about everything makes it so much harder for people to talk about what you do and most importantly, it is a challenge for potential clients to know if you are the right one to hire.————————
  2. Consistency in COMMUNICATION. How often do you show up for your followers? Now, when you are in true automated mode, then this is easy isn’t it! It is easy to show up on social media, or on your blog, or emailing your list/clients/prospects. For example; Develop an automated system to stay connected. This could be Hootsuite which is a platform that allows you to dump in a few weeks of posts, you set the times for delivery and there you go. OR, maybe you have an assistant running your communication back end. Including; client inquires, posting, referrals and the like. ————————
  3. Staying current on new BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS. Are you in learning mode? Do you pay attention to changes in marketing? Even if you are off, the best thing to do is be an excellent student of YOUR market. Things change. It is so much easier to run a business if you are current on the new school AND old school way of running a biz. For example; are you familiar with the changes with Facebook? Do you listen to podcasts teaching you a golden nugget? What books are you reading? What are you going to execute?————————
  4. Develop multiple STREAMS OF REVENUE. Do you have more than one offering? (and of course, automated offerings where YOU are not part of the deliverable). I firmly believe every industry/ can develop a product, big or small, that can be sold online. Period! For example; even if you are a dog groomer, and you make the most of your income from dog grooming, but hey, you also love Maui, you could develop a product or program for people who also want to groom dogs and sell it on autopilot online. Yeah, probably not going to be as high of an individual sale as the dog grooming itself, but this all adds up!————————
  5. Have a TEAM. Yes, automation has been mentioned, but, if you want to really LEVERAGE your time, you will have a team help you. You will not waste time doing things you shouldn’t be doing. Yes, I know you COULD do them, but don’t. For example; You do not need to be developing a dog grooming website. You do not need to be doing your laundry. Have a team in place and when you are working, focus on the things that bring in money.————————
  6. BELIEVE you can have a sustainable business. Are you running your business in fear of failure? Are you afraid to take time off because “everything will fall apart”? Do you truly KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that what you have to offer people is the bomb! Yeah, I never say “the bomb” normally, but it seemed to fit. For example; do you BELIEVE that what you are offering today will be just as important to offer a year from now? And probably a year from now you will actually improve it because you are so invested in learning and becoming the best, the of course, it will only get better. IF you don’t believe this, it is a sign you need to work on your mindset. You need to have some mental breakthroughs. You probably have heard 80% of your business success is all in your head! The building of the machine is the simple part!
  7. Ask for SUPPORT. One of the things I find most often with my clients is they have reached a level of success, but cannot go further because they don’t have the support they need. Now, granted this is where I come in. But often times, clients come when they are at a point of being tired, burnt out a little, frustrated and truly know they can do more, they own their brilliance, but they ALMOST waited too long to ask for support. For example; Who do you have to turn to when you need guidance? Do you have mentor? A coach? An accountability partner? Someone to run their ad campaign?A professional recognizes when they are cant’ move forward and they ask for help. They do so without their ego getting hurt. They understand it is a logical decision.————————
  8. Take BIG action. When you have those moments of BIG action, the momentum carries you further, faster! Now it is NOT sustainable. I am NOT a believer in living in the HUSTLE. NO. BUT there are times you need to jump in with both feet. This is what I did EVERY single time I had a new leap/level in my business. For example; This recent reentry to my biz and closing deals was due in part to building a highly converting Facebook Ads Campaign. I also implemented a new weekly addition to my communication. And I developed several new ways potential clients can connect with me. What can you do that will make you more VISIBLE?————————
  9. Enjoy the PROCESS. Okay, so I was one of people who rolled my eyes at people who talked about “the process” or “the journey”, but hey, they were right! You have to grow INTO your business. There would have been no way I could coach/consult/strategist with business owners like I do now a few years ago. Love who you are becoming. Know it is all the right timing. For example; Give yourself the grace to acknowledge your growth. Every 90 days do a review of where you have been, and what you are setting out to do. Then you won’t get so caught up in the feeling of not being where you THINK you SHOULD be, which is deflating, exhausting and does not acknowledge the wins~! If you can’t praise yourself for the little wins, you won’t get big ones.  ————————
  10. Watch your words. NO COMPLAINING or COMPARING. For example; I’m tired. I can’t do it. Why didn’t she buy from me? Look how much further she is.—simple and to the point, enough said. ————————

Do these tips seem strange or revolutionary….NO.

AND that is exactly the point!!

Building a business is founded on a few basic principles. Yes, there other things to do.

Just remember, your job is to MARKET, SELL & DELIVER. This is how you will have a BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ and provide all the IMPACT, PROFIT & TIME you desire.

Stop overthinking everything. Stop being a perfectionist. Just build a solid foundation, create a great fun, fantastic plan, have tight systems, watch your words and your mindset, be a badass at what you do, love people…and hire some support, and guess what, it’s easier than you think!


Yes, see the mama deer and the twins?? This is looking out the second floor window. They are right next to the then, future, pond and waterfall. Yeah, redoing everything, ever square inch of the house and the acre! God, am I happy to be “back to work”!

Want to find out more on how YOU can take some time off? Let’s get on the phone and in 40 minutes we will develop a strategy so you aren’t tired, burn out and in fact feel energized…cause you need that energy for all your FREE TIME!


I believe in YOU,


#beboldit’stime… have more TIME OFF!