Wow, I’m back!

I took time off. So now, back to school means back to work.

Is your business set up for you to take time off?

If not, why not?

You became a business owner to:

  1. have more flexibility
  2. to call the shots
  3. to make as much money as you want
  4. so you aren’t listening to someone tell you when to go pee….let alone when to take time off
  5. to feel empowered
  6. to be in control
  7. (enter your why’s right here!)

We bought a 1936 house and I have been overseeing the restoration. What a joy and a headache! What delight and stress! Man, I thought building a business took a lot of mental energy!

Even picking out the copper for the downspouts took some thinking (we have this leaf design near the garden)

Thank god I set my business up to be able to take time off.
Now, was I still talking to clients…yes.
But all marketing stopped, including your emails.
Because I didn’t want to.
Yep, I said it.
I didn’t want to.
I already have a flow of business.
I already have a system and plan in place.
Listen…The Biz Trifecta™ is what I did in my own business and what I do with clients.
Great Mindset. Effective Plan. Tight Systems.
That is what you need in order to have the business you want. Now maybe you don’t want to take off two months? I don’t know? But what do you want?
YOU, …can have whatever you want in this life.
YOU can have the business you want.
YOU can have the awesome clients you desire that are a blast to work with.
YOU can make a ton of money.

YOU can have FREE TIME.Click To Tweet
What you need, no matter what level of business you own, is to master The Biz Trifecta™.
And YOU can do this.
I promise you can. And yes, it is work. It is scary growing. It is a commitment to release the fear of judgment when you want to truly do whatever the hell you want in life!

The judgment from others….but most importantly from yourself.

You see, we judge ourselves more harshly than anyone ever could. And when we finally, release that, we give ourselves pure FREEDOM to live.
So, I took two months off. Had a great time…but I also missed my business! I miss the challenges! I miss the fun of marketing! I miss the trying to figure stuff out! I miss having more new clients that rock my world and get to see them create the business and life they love!
What is your mindset looking like today?
What is your plan?
If I called you up right now, would you be able to tell me your systems?
Can you take time off and still come back to a business?

Have you learned to leverage yourself so that you are making money when you are NOT ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THE DELIVERY OF SERVICES??

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You are ready.
I can feel it all the way over here in Lake Oswego, Oregon! You want to be able to do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want to….and you can!
Pop me an email, tell me what you did this summer…and tell me what you want out of your life & biz!!
Hugs! Missed you!!

P.S.: here is one of our little get away spots! Have you ever been skinning dipping on your own private beach…kindA ROCKS!