It’s always fun to give an interview.

Are you hiding out in business?

To have a conversation with someone who asks great questions, to be myself, to really give a lot of ideas out there to the world!

During this interview I talked a lot about HIDING OUT in business, or from yourself. How often do you HIDE OUT?

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Knouse. He is the founder of The Start Up Sessions.

“The common theme
is people following their heart
and building deeply meaningful businesses.”

Here is my interview and a little blurb about what it’s all about….enjoy!

Most entrepreneurs are programmed to work, work, work, until they either succeed or fail. But what if building your business didn’t have to be so hard? Mary Bicknell shows us how mindset + focused action allowed her to grow her business 450% while taking Friday’s off.
Highlights of This Episode:
*Mary discusses all the hurdles that she had to overcome to get to where she is today.
*BOLD = being a Brave, Outgoing Leader Deciding to make a difference.
*Mary talks about all the ways your big vision will keep showing up in your life.
*Where are you hiding out in your business?
*Mary discusses being driven by her biggest fear.
*Mary explains how she had to let go of thinking “I’m so special that I’m going to fail.”
*Mary describes her business trifecta and how she used this to grow her business 450%.
*The importance of having systems.
*Redefining what it means to “work hard.”
*Mary gives a powerful exercise for creating a money breakthrough in your business.
*I talk about how I use a powerful question that I got from Mary.
*Why not all money is good money.
*Mary details the “Coffee Shop Exercise”.
*“Ask yourself, “How do I define hard work and is that MY definition?”

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start up session

No more HIDING OUT in business for you ladies!