Hey gorgeous

So I have a question for ya?

Do you think working on your birthday is ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

So yesterday was my birthday…yep, 48 years old. God, hold on a minute, I see that number and think holy sh*t, I’m almost 50…and then realize….

life is freakin’ awesome!!!!! who cares about the number!

I’m happy, I have a great family, dig my main squeeze, love my little kid…think my clients are ROCK STARS!!

Yesterday I “worked”. I did a talk for a group of entrepreneurs.
Some people may think I sold out…cuz giving talks is one of my main ways to market and get new clients.

Some people may think, whoa, don’t you preach about designing a lifestyle and then building a biz around it….

or working on your b/d just to make a buck, wtf ???

Well, just like I told the fabo peeps yesterday, it really doesn’t matter to me about my “actual” birthday.

Did I have to “work”?
Did I have to drive to the location?

But I wanted to.
I wanted to do the talk because I knew it was going to be fun.
I wanted to do the talk because sometimes you gotta choose to do something that will take you further along the path. (note I didn’t say “sacrifice”.)
I wanted to do the talk because I have planned to celebrate my birthday this weekend.

Did you catch the word I used??

I said PLANNED. –life & biz plan that is—

Remember how I preach that in order to have success you need a PLAN and BREAKTHROUGHS.

So my plan is to hang out with River after school on Friday, go to the river feed the goslings, have dinner with friends, Saturday morning I am doing another live webinar (oh, in case you missed it the other day, here’s the info www.bigboldlifeandbiz.com), then River is having her 5th annual spring fling–the theme this year is RAINBOWS! rainbow loom and a tea party! and celebrating Ragzy and Blue’s birthday (they are our cats). We will be reading Harry Potter the 1st book on Sunday….oh and working out, doing my food prep….well you get the idea.

Who cares about the fact that my actual birthday was yesterday.

You see the gift I have given myself and my family and the one I work on with my clients is this….

the breakthrough is about when you design your life the way you want, and build your biz to support it…..

you can do

How awesome is that!!!

So here is to YOU getting that you can design your life like you want and build a biz to support it!!

And in case you missed the webinar…the link is above!

I’ll send you some photos of the RAINBOW layer cake I am making for the tea party!! thank you Pinterest!