Well, I wanted to share my weekend plans, just for fun.

Do you still have fun?

I ask women this all the time, “what do you do for fun?”

Got any guesses what they say?

I can’t remember the last time I had fun.


  • I am too busy for fun.
  • I can’t get a babysitter.
  • He never wants to go out anymore.
  • Fun, what’s that?
  • Mary, it’s not all about fun.


AND, sometimes, just sometimes, I get a few “fun” answers.

Even I can get caught up in the whole, too busy, too much to do, tooo this and toooo that….

You know what happens then?

I feel like CRAP! Mind, body & spirit.

I feel sick to my stomach, I don’t sleep well, my closet is messy, I don’t want sex, I don’t eat healthy life giving foods, man oh man and the worse one….

 I feel disappointed in myself.


Have you ever felt like that? Somehow you feel asleep again behind the wheel of your own life!

Well, here I am the Relationship Tour Guide, supporting women’s transformation of love for self and love for her soul mate, and sometimes I fall asleep as well.

Thank God! now I see my own SIGNS.

Granted takes practice. Takes a plan. I have to be aware of my triggers.Then I need to  quickly change course so I can be back on the road to my amazing relationship.

This last time, I saw it coming, and didn’t course correct as quickly as I like. Paying the price.


it also takes me being gentle with myself so I don’t get upset about the reality it is not all perfect all the time. This weekend, I plan on being gentle, eating well, luvin’ on my hot hubby and having fun!


So on that note. I want you to have FUN THIS WEEKEND, too!! Even if you just pick one thing!

Do it.

Love yourself.

What do you love doing to love yourself? What did you FORGET you love to do for fun?

Share your gorgeous smile with the world!

I love Halloween! We are going to a party tonight, like our costumes?Here is a picture of how we looked last week for River’s party.

(OH,,,,love this ready, River is 7, all 12 of her 6-7 year old friends asked us, “what are you?”, omg, we just laughed and said ask your parents….they didn’t get we are HIPPPIES!!, feeling a tiny bit old!!)

You know what we are right??

You know what we are right??