One simple technique can change your love life? Too good to be true? No, read on!

How to Love yourself, before… simplicity is underrated.

Shift your thinking, choose it right this VERY instant. Making changes, loving yourself, loving your lover, having the life you want, it all start with a thought. Making a decision is the first thought you need to make.

Did you complete your lists from week one of this four week series? How did it feel to begin scratching off items from your bug list? If you haven’t read week one, check it out here. 

What about your Sacred Self list? Did you experience the magic of allowing yourself to breath, expand, envision, want, need, and desire?

Careful now.

Change can cause fear. When this happens, negativity can creep in.

It is all part of our brain trying to protect us.

We get negative about ourselves, and negative about others. Next time this happens try simply asking yourself, “if this wasn’t true, then what would my life look like?” Listen closely, your SACRED SELF will review the answer.

BUT first, not to be discouraging, once you MOVE through this stage, make a shift, then you are more apt to soar with you wants, needs and desires.

Here is your ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE for the WEEK TWO assignment:


  1. Get out a pad of sticky notes.
  2. FOR YOU: Put a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom you use all day.
  3. Every time you cancel out a negative thought OR when you do something positive for yourself put a slash mark on the note.
  4. Say, “Thank you, I love you.”
  5. FOR YOUR LOVER: Put a sticky note on him, on his collar or about his heart. (I know, sounds crazy. Read below the reasons why)
  6. Every time he does something loving, honoring or supportive, slash mark and thank you.

Okay, so sounds simple. Too, simple, I dig it.

Here is the research,  Dr. Mark Kane Goldstein of the University of Florida, found that using the simple “sticky note” technique opened up the blinders to couples seeing and appreciating what their partners actually do that is loving.

The reason for putting the note ON HIS PERSON, is because every time you document something good, you must look at him in the eye AND physically touch him. Think about it, when you are UN-happy with your partner, you not only don’t TOUCH him, but you don’t even LOOK at him, right?

So, if it works on couples, it will work on you.

Put a note on the mirror, document when you do something loving for yourself, look yourself in the eyes, say, “Thank you, I love you.”

Do this for the next week, and you will find you have more awareness of the love in your life, and more change.

I know the assignment sounds almost ridiculous in simplicity, right?

Sometimes it only takes one simple tip or technique to change your love life for yourself and for your lover!

To your amazing relationships,