You know, lately I have been asking myself how much do I really adore ME.

Follow along and ask yourself the hard question: Do you adore YOU?

As a relationship mentor and guide, my mission, my driving force is to support women feeling loved, honored and adored EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I want women to KNOW that they KNOW what a real, true, and deep connection with their beloved; feels like, looks like, tastes like, smells like and sounds like. 

We must acknowledge this KNOWING for ourselves, about ourselves.
One of the stops on the ROMANCE ROAD MAP  is experiencing the joy of deeper self-discovery, in doing so we evolve.
Deepak Chopra says, “I use love as a way of evolving.”
In order to evolve, we must release something. We must release our blind spots. We must become aware of them.
How easy is it for you to look within?
There are 3 questions to help assess the ADORATION you hold for yourself:
  1. What do I do on a daily basis to recognize how the way I behave, think and express myself impacts my world?  Maybe you are beating yourself up over something? Maybe you are not aware of what you are communicating? Maybe you need to better identify your buttons and triggers? Maybe you need to honor all that you are doing well?
  2. What is my body telling me about my personal self care? Are you still struggling with body image issues? Do you allow yourself to be fully expressive sexually? Are you feeding yourself healthy foods?
  3. What whisper to I hear in my soul, telling me I have blind spots to a deeper love connection? Do you sense there is more? Do you open yourself up to the love that is around you, or shut the door on it afraid to be vulnerable?

When you ask these questions, ask with a loving self. Ask with a gentle spirit. Remember all of our behavior has a positive intention. Once you recognize something that needs to be changed, you can.

In doing so, you give yourself more adoration. And with that, you will have a better love relationship with yourself and with your soul mate.

I adore ME!

Today, do something loving and gentle for yourself. Really, you can. Give yourself permission.

Start right now, say, “I love you __________.”

Now give yourself a hug.

Now smile at yourself for saying I love you and for hugging yourself.

Now promise to do this everyday.

Show the amazing, delightful and wonderful you how much you do adore YOU!

To your Amazing Relationships,

Mary, Your Relationship Tour Guide