Intimate Relationships are Magical.


Intimate relationships, if we allow them, can be magical. Magical in that we at times are taken to another place with our beloved. A place only you and your soul mate can enter.

So often we are afraid to move back the veil of our own pain.  We fear being vulnerable. We fear complete release to the other person. In doing so we are missing one of the very things that make us divine and human at the very same moment.

Therein lies the dilemma, magic cannot happen when we are hiding.

Have we become so cynical about love? Do we know longer believe in the grandness of it? Have we lost hope?

Oh, I hope not! I do know we are bombarded with a do it now, have it now mentality. Sometimes it takes a little time to allow ourselves to release and trust. And because it is not happening in every moment, in  this very instance, we have stopped  believing in the power of love to heal, to soothe, to caress, to entice, to command and to awe.

When did it become easier to give up or to give in rather than to stand up, open up and to allow for receiving? Or more importantly, to stand up and open up so we can give. Intimate relationships are all about receiving and giving.

When we hide and shield ourselves, we are pushing away the very thing that has the power to heal. We become the real perpetrators to our own feelings of lack.

We come together to learn. We are destined to continue the same patterns if we do not take in the message.

What if that old saying was true, the one about being spirits having a human experience.

What if we acted like that with our beloved? What if we allowed the psychological stuff to give way to the spiritual stuff. Now this isn’t about religion, this is about the deep knowing we are all connected.

How, I don’t profess to know, nor do I plan to preach.

What I do know is when we as human beings act toward our lover with the deepest reverence of love and respect, magic happens. If we want magic within our most intimate relationships, a shift must happen.

When we lay down our all of our judgments and baggage we brought to the relationship and truly SEE the person, the divine standing before us, magic happens.

When we honor ourselves enough to ALLOW the fear to subside so the truth of who WE are can be visible, magic happens.

When we desire to understand vs. being understood, magic happens.

There is magic in you being the YOU who is in love and is loving. You have the magical power to have a glorious, deliciously, delirious soulful connection with your beloved.

Today, in this moment, believe you have the power to have the relationship you always dreamed of.  Allow all your fears to subside, in this moment, what magic within your relationship could you conjure up?

Your Relationship Tour Guide,