The big question of the week, do you believe in PRINCE CHARMING?

Do you have your very own Prince Charming? Soul Mate? Lover? What “name” do you call him in your head…

There was a real mix of answers. Stop and think about it for yourself, right now?The first thing would be to define what PRINCE CHARMING is.

Got it in your mind?

Let me share with you a few of the responses I got when I asked this question…

Oh, and we are going to use PC for short, ok?

And I will just share the basic gist, because some of the answers went deep…

  • I do not believe in PC and I believe it is irresponsible to set young girls up to think there is someone out there to “save” them
  • Yes, I have one
  • I believe a soul mate and a PC are the same
  • I believe in soul mates, I also believe in a PC. I believe we create our own version of soul mate
  • He has become my PC
  • I wish there was a PC, I need one

Great responses, a lot of thinking.

Let me give you my take on it. I believe in Prince Charming, I believe in soul mates, I believe in the Knight in Shining Armor, I believe in the Sacred Self and on and on and on.


 knight in shiny

In fact, here is my very own Knight


Our beloved can go by many names. I believe we create and define these ideas and images because we want to have an ideal.


That being said, the concern does arise on how this could put women at a disadvantage because there is no PERFECT partner.

Little girls are socialized to believe in being “saved.” I hate that. I fight that.

I find it very destructive and subjugating.

How do you go about having this idealized image and remain grounded in the reality no one is perfect?

Well, first one must be a realist and all the while hold onto our little girl dreams, hopes and wishes.


What is wrong with wanting the perfect partner? I surely wanted him! God knows I had enough of the imperfect ones!

Why are we limiting ourselves, why are we lowering our expectations?

I believe when we are realists, part of our definition for a “perfect” partner should focused on a person who is growing. Yes, that is right, growing. Someone who is a seeker of further self development, clearly understanding of himself and the world around him.

Would that be enough for you to define someone with less than perfect whatevers, to define him as perfect for you?

I say, hell yeah!

And as always, and of course, I am not talking about extremes or anything that is truly unhealthy or dangerous, but you know the annoying things that he does, just because he is human.

What does it really matter what you call him, PC, SM, KSA or SO? All that matters is you holding onto being real with yourself, honoring his growth and keeping alive those little girl dreams!

I promise they do come true!

More on that another day…


Today, I want you to identify qualities you either WANT in your PC/SM or 5 qualities he has that makes him so. Embrace them, focus on them and acknowledge them.

To your Amazing Relationships,