I know you are here because you have a nudge inside to do more, to be more and you are wondering if coaching is the way?

Maybe you want to get out of the grind of 1:1?

Maybe you have a course inside you’d love to teach and to leverage it into some passive income would be amaazing.

Maybe you want to build a coaching Empire!

I can help you with all of the above.

It’s 100% possible for you to create a life you love and build a business to fund it!

And I’m here to show you how!

My long bio is below, but here’s the most important part. I’ve been teaching online for over 8 years. There are thousands and thousands of women in my community and their lives have changed because of the information and teaching I’ve done with them. I want to support you to Lead a Life Uncommon™, to create a Big, Bold Life & Biz™ so you can live out your dreams!

I believe in you more than you will ever know!

The workbook and training is speaking to practitioners, clinicians, therapsist and helpers. 

If you found this training, know, it is truly applicable for every single person who is interested in coaching, the how-to, the what etc. 

Make sure you download your WORKBOOK because there are several additional resources in there for you: How to Pick a Coaching Title & Niche, How to have a Sales Call, How to overcome your limiting money beliefs…and more! 



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Here’s a little bonus for you by the way.

I love this book and what you’ll find is that your thinking is the very thing to help you have it all or push it all away.



Meet Mary:

Mary Bicknell, LCSW, Podcaster, Success Coach and CEO of SeeTheSigns, a Coaching and Consulting Company that supports women business owners and entrepreneurs to make the kind of money they need to do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want, completely guilt-free. 


The secret to success is there’s no secret. Success leaves signs, do you see them? You can create everything you want in life if you do what other successful people do. 


Mary has created several highly programs to support women at every stage of life and business:


Lead a Life Uncommon™: A life-changing program created for the delight of massive personal transformation. Dig deep into your desires, remove all of the blindspots and blocks holding you hostage from having everything and rise up, embracing your Evolved Self and live out the life that is far from mediocre! In fact, it’s Uncommon. 


The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan™ for Women Business Owners Who Want More: The results of this program is to develop a flagship program, market, sell and deliver it to become known in your industry. All while creating the mindset, the Profit Plan and the Systems required to work less & make more. 


The 5% Club™: Mastermind & Mentorship, a full scope life and business program for women to achieve the status of being in the top earners making between $300-$500k a year, all while working 3-days a week without worrying. Love your life, love your business. 


Catapult is Mary’s private, elite-level consulting. This is for the woman who is all in for herself. 


As a former psychotherapist, sales trainer, and a lifelong entrepreneur, Mary has worked with thousands of women to help wake them up to the fact that life is happening and they are missing out on it due to their inability to move from frazzled to strategic in their money-making endeavors. 


Mary’s mission for the past 25 years is to help women see their amazing capabilities and to create a life where they get to do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want to. 


It’s all about getting their mental head on straight, implementing a solid proven plan and maximizing effective systems that will allow them to live free. 


Time and truth are my core values. I mix candor and humor to help get the point across, you can have it all if you are willing to do the work, and that’s the right work, the effective work, not the crazy busy work. It’s time to move into The 5% Club™ and Lead a Life Uncommon™ (the name of her podcast & her life-coaching program.)