You Want MORE.

What Are You Longing For? Craving?

What Kind of FREEDOM Do You Need?

Money Freedom? Time Freedom? Emotional Freedom?


Sometimes you just can’t see what’s in your way of having everything you want.

Sometimes you just can’t see what’s in your way of having all the money, time and emotional freedom you THINK you should be having now as a grown ass woman!

You know how you can always tell when your girlfriend picked the wrong guy? or You client or boss is going to say the same thing over and over?

They can’t see what’s in their way….probably just like you can’t.


Hey, it’s true, sometimes you need another pair of eyes on your situation.

Sometimes you need someone who gets what’s in the way and has a system or a process to kick that shit to the curb.

Sometimes you need someone to help you have a BIG BREAKTHROUGH.

Sometimes you need someone to help you so take the action you need to do so you don’t regret…your inaction. 

Missing out on what you want in life is painful and frankly, it sucks. 

You are probably here, right now, because you are ready to drop the self-doubt, ready to allow yourself to really show up in the world maybe for the very first time, get over whatever is in the way and feel not only HAPPY….

but proud of yourself. 

Proud for the today YOU & for the future YOU.

And you actually can have more control over what your life looks like.

Who does your future-self need you to BE today so she gets to have it all?? 

Couple of ways we can work together.

We can spend 6 months together so you can have all the support and accountability as you are growing and putting your plan in place.

We can have a full day together mapping everything out and you can go off into the world to kick some ass.

We can have a little hour long taster. Maybe you have never experienced psychological coaching or having someone getting to point, being direct so you can see NOW, TODAY what is in your way. 

Here a just a few things we can work on together:

MINDSET BREAKTHROUGHS: Your mindset is the single most CRITICAL part of creating the level of success you desire. For you to be able to completely embrace being a BIG, BOLD woman you must transform your beliefs. You must understand how thinking has gotten you were you are and how learning a new approach with your thinking will get you to where you are craving, longing, yearning to end up.

  • Fall in love with the woman who is calling to be great
  • Never say “I can’t afford it”
  • Transform your MONEY STORY
  • Recognize the triggers that stop you in your track
  • Identify the 5 Blind Spots you may not realize keep you hidden
  • Charge what you are worth
  • Claim your value
  • Give yourself permission to succeed
  • Embrace your evolution
  • Build your wealth consciousness
  • Own your power
  • Get clear on all of your money mindset issues
  • Define what wealth is to you and design a plan of attack
  • Have better relationships
  • Speak up. Stop saying YES to what you really want to say NO to!
  • Stop being crazy busy
  • Dream big audacious dreams
  • Become happy & proud of yourself
  • Learn the Big Breakthrough Formula™ so you can experience The Regret Proof Your Life®

Let's have a Bold Breakthrough Call. In a few short minutes will have uncovered ways to improve EVERYTHING.

Regret Proof Your's in your control.

Uplevel Much?? It's time.

Hello Therapist Who Wants to Add Coaching To Your Private Practice:  

Wow, what a great opportunity you have in front of you!

Why not get well paid for using your expertise?

Maybe you have been in practice for a while? 

Maybe you have gotten tired of managed care, worrying about billing, having a caseload of people not quite ready to make the kind of changes they need…and it’s wearing you out. 

Maybe you are ready to expand? Or be able to work from anywhere in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Well, welcome to the world of coaching. Using your psychological background and years of education and training to EXCEL in a business.

You see you already have skills most of the coaches practicing today do not have.

You have built-in authority because you have all those initials behind your name.

Let’s be real. There are a lot of similarities between coaching and therapy.

And you will be able to bridge that gap quickly.

I can help you create the business you dreamt about in grad school.

I can help you create the freedom you crave.

Having gone from a psychotherapist (LCSW) getting paid the same for YEARS, working in private practice, Johns Hopkins, various inpatient facilities, behavioral trainer for over 25 nursing homes, level 5 school social worker, home health….ug!…

to enjoy the freedom to:

  • Speak all over the Country to my perfect ideal clients.
  • Having a business that I take with me via my iPhone and Mac.
  • Making tens of thousands of dollars each month. (my highest was almost 70k….this was more in a single month than I ever earned as a therapist).
  • Enjoying PASSIVE income from people who purchase my online products. 
  • Freeing up my husband to start his own business.
  • Every single year when my daughter was in elementary school being the homeroom mama.
  • Showing up the way I want to. Not answering to anyone else’s idea of how I should be.
  • This is what I consider real freedom.
  • Having time, money and emotional freedom to do the work I love, do the work I am great at and help the world!
  • I continue to have a Regret Proof Life Coaching practice….all while teaching corporations about women and leadership….and having women who want to create their own BIG BOLD LIFE & BIZ.

Wow!! And you can have your own version of this as well. 

The course for mental health and wellness professionals ready to begin a coaching business.

This is for you, even if you have zero email list, no social media following, no idea what your niche is, have never marketed yourself before or wonder how it is possible to use all your credentials inside of a coaching business.

Check it out….join us! Starting May 6. 

Let's have a Bold Breakthrough Call. In 40 minutes we will have uncovered ways to improve EVERYTHING.

Hello Corporation:  

Your people are your greatest asset. With the growing opportunities for women today, it is critical for you to ensure you are providing the best support possible. It is incumbent of you to demonstrate your respect for your employee and respect for women. By doing so you can keep retention high, this is not only good business, but cost effective business. Are you aware of what it costs to replace an employee? Are you aware of the benefits to your corporation for ensuring you have women seated at the table? Have you recognized and honored the differences women add to the organization?

Too often companies are not recognizing that their leadership style is dated, that the current players will be aging out and that they need to provide current THINKING if they want to attract women into their company. Staying stuck in an outdated model and stuck in unconscious gender bias is one of the reasons for lost employees, lost revenue and increased recruitment costs. Much can be accomplished when you work with someone who can see what you cannot see. 

All of the private consulting and coaching packages will be focused on the professional development of leaders within your company. Workshops can be full day or can be done quarterly. Everything is highly customized for your needs. While not everyone needs everything that is listed below, here is just a sampling of the potential action steps we will implement within your business. Remember, you need a PLAN to be successful, you need EXECUTE the plan to make it happen & you need mindset breakthroughs in how you THINK to ensure you don’t sabotage or undermine the potential success of the staff. Without these you won’t grow…guaranteed.

Be B.O.L.D. and RISE

Being B.O.L.D. means becoming a Brave Outgoing Leader Deciding to RISE. Today more than ever women not only need to, but are ready to RISE.

They are ready to RISE to their fullest potential.

They are ready to RISE to their purpose.

They are ready to RISE and become leaders. (or stronger leaders)

Here are just a few of the core concepts taught within the leadership program RISE:

*How to Fully Support Women (each other) in Leadership Development

*Creating and Claiming Your Seat at the Table

*Uncovering Gender Bias, Yours & His

*Being Assertive, Claiming Your Value, Owning Your Voice

*Remove Self-Doubt About Your Brilliance and Embrace Confidence

*Speak UP. Stand UP. Show UP. Communicating with Power and Authority

*Empowering Women in The Workplace

*How Becoming a Leader Impacts You Both at Home and at Work

*Self Awareness: Boundaries, Self-Care and Relationships. How You Do One Thing is How You Do All Things

*Uncover the Blindspot Holding You Back, Get Ready for Your Breakthrough

*ASK. FOR. WHAT. YOU. WANT.: Learning to ask. The Missing Link In Success for Women

The RISE program can be customized for your organization. While it is most impactful to have quarterly workshops so as to compound the learning and reinforce cultural change, the program can be modified and delivered in a full day workshop.

Each participant will leave with clarity as it relates to her personal leadership journey both personally and professionally. The RISE program is designed to show women the impact on all areas of their lives as they become stronger leaders. Becoming a stronger leader benefits everyone, including her company, her family and herself.

During the program, participants develop personalized action plans, strategies and core skills to lean on as she RISEs up.'s time

Your life is waiting for you....

My name is Melinda Harlow and I am a certified Law of Attraction coach specializing in helping people create amazing health through mastering their mind’s connection to their body.  From the moment I met Mary and found out she was a business coach, I knew I wanted to work with her.  I had just set a goal of increasing my coaching business through public speaking and I was very excited to learn that Mary was an expert in this area! At the time I was considering another coaching program, but I was on the fence about it.  One conversation with Mary and my mind was made up!  Throughout these last four months I have gotten so much more from my coaching than I expected.  Not only does Mary have a great formula for engaging audiences and gaining clients through public speaking, but – even more importantly – she has helped me clear the negative beliefs and mindsets that have been standing in my way of being (and feeling like) a real success.  I have gained many new clients and I now have no problem asking people for what I want – including higher fees.  Each month my income has increased, and I have been consistently meeting my weekly client goals for the last 5-6 weeks!  And, finally, my family and work relationships have improved far beyond my expectations.  I love working with Mary because I feel so supported – she understands where I’m coming from and how to help me get where I want to be. Thank you!!!!! Melinda Harlow

Law of Attraction Coach

The VIP DAY I had with Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new found sales confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business. This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own. Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week. Since then I have signed numerous clients, I am a featured speaker and have the business I have always dreamed about. We accomplished so much in just a few months. Thank you Mary so much, I can’t tell you how valuable your coaching was. Kathy Kidd

Owner, THRIVE Business Development

Working with Mary was life changing because she forced me (in a very nice way) to invest in my future by expanding my upper limits in business, creativity and love.  She gave me the tools so that I can continue to do this on my own and lead others to do the same. My confidence is so strong, I feel like the leader I always wanted to be, I have created systems to allow my business to flow and have more than DOUBLED MY SALES!
My visibility has also increased, I have had my first workshops, I have been interviewed about my business and I have expanded the reach on the type of client I work with.
Thank you, Mary. I appreciate having invested with you and it truly allows me to support my clients investing in themselves.
Elizabeth Cramer

Image Stylist, Every Day Best Style

I can’t express enthusiastically enough about how appreciative I am to have had the opportunity to work with such an awesome entrepreneur who is funny, unassuming, humble, firm but gentle and really knows her stuff. I felt as though I received a wealth of information, support and encouragement that my business can and will really take off. Mary exemplifies what she stands for Big, Bold, Biz, Beckon of light and of course Beautiful. Thanks again Mary, looking forward to working with you more in the near future. Gina Masero

Business Coach, Gina Masero


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