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You have questions, I have answers.

Ever wish you could just ask a question or multiple questions? Or have someone really go over your business and give you straight answers about what is missing, what could be improved….you know, tell you what they can see that you can’t!

We all need this. The whole “forest for the trees”, we can see pretty easily what other people need to improve in their lives, but it is a challenge within our own. I can relate, that is why I have my own coach….working with her changed everything for me.

Let’s you and me jump on the phone and dig into your business, answer your questions, actually see what you need for success, and grow your private practice.

Ask Questions and Grow your private practice with Mary Bicknell

In your call we will look at your BIZ TRIFECTA and answer your questions about growing your private practice.

There are 3 things you need to ensure a successful business

  1. A plan (what are you doing to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly…online and off)
  2. Systems (this is the HOW-TO  implement your plan)
  3. Mindset breakthroughs. (to overcome so you don’t screw up the systems or plan…by way of sabotage, or money mindset or thinking you are not “enough”)

If you don’t have this trifecta in place, guess what….you’re gonna fail.

I can guarantee it!

Jump on the phone with me and in 40 mins. I will provide you with a FREE biz assessment. No this is not a “sales” call, if you want to chat about working together, GREAT, but you don’t have to worry about a big sales pitch….Now jump on the phone, I know I got a few answers for ya!



Send me an email, I respond to all emails personally. Want to reach me sooner??? Call me, if I don't answer, leave a message and your number....I'll actually call you back myself! 503-387-5598

I talk about you all the time. Clarity is king! Thank you for helping me create the AUTHORity Package and tighten up my sales conversation.

We will end 2016 with nearly $500k in sales! We’re on track for $2.4 million in 2017!Kathy Kidd, Owner of Kidd Marketing

Kathy Kidd

Owner, Kidd Marketing