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More Free Time, Means You Need To Do Things Differently. Period. How Are You Going To Do That?

Hitting a plateau in your business, your practice, or life for that matter, is, well, it is stressful, disappointing, shocking, sad, wearisome…you get the picture.  You want to help a lot of people. And. You want more free time.

You worked hard to get where you are, (how many degrees, licenses or certificates do you have?) but still, something is…..


You want, MORE. And not because you are COMPLETELY miserable, but because you realize you can have more. Even though you have had success in your business and your practice, you realize not only is something missing, but that very thing is all about:

More Free Time. You want to have more free time…to do all the things you long for, dream about:

Yeah, you thought you would have been able to have more free time off at this level of your business. You got into business to really be free. FREE financially and FREE to do whatever you wanted to and live life on your own schedule. Honestly, you can hardly believe you are reading this because you have worked so hard, it isn’t easy to acknowledge you need another set of eyes on your business to help you see what your are missing.

AND, you can’t imagine someone being able to have your same vision, not to mention trusting someone to be all in with you. Someone who will help grow your private practice and help you get more free time.

You wonder if someone could really hold your goal out there when you feel shaky, challenge you to stay the path, walk with you to keep you accountable, understand your market, know multiple ways to connect with your potential clients or customers, help you through those mental breakthroughs that always come when you are ready to grow and a lot of other business building skills you don’t even know the name of.

I know. Because I was tired, too:

I KNEW I was missing something, but frankly, I hated admitting it. The phone call to my first private coach had me sweating through my shirt.

But I was done crying over my “stuckness”, missing out, overthinking…you know what I mean. I finally said I would rather find the right person to mentor me so I can do this thing I am called to do, even if my ego wasn’t thrilled, than spend another day wasted.

So I decided to do like I always do and go for it. All out. Become an A++ student. I was going to learn everything I could from her and many others, and I was going to build a killer business that I made me proud.

When I hit 70K in a single month…my eyes were opened to what I was really capable of.

Making in one month what I hadn’t even made in a full year working as a psychotherapist, shocking. I mean I look great on paper, three degrees, clinical psychotherapist, worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital, successful sales trainer for a large company… what I didn’t know how to do was make big money on my own, develop a streamlined system and do it all..

without any of the guilt associated with “wanting it all.”

One of the things I learned…..I was hiding. Yeah, afraid of my own BIG, BOLDNESS, my own sense of going for it, playing big, full out. Because,

I didn’t want to stand out.

I was afraid to show up and see what I was really made of.

But you see, I was already BOLD. I was already VISIBLE.

I just hadn’t fully


In hindsight, I can see that I have always been someone who stands out, or makes a difference.

And you probably are, too.

People probably notice your gifts. Tell you how amazing it is that you can (fill in the blank here with the THING that comes so naturally to you that you poo-poo it.)

But you don’t believe it (at least not often enough.)

The day I decided to go full out and see what I, Mary Bicknell, was really made of, was a game changer.

AND I wanted to make tons of money on my own…..yes, my own money!

Yes, I know, there I go talking about money. Money is just the result of our growth as business owners and as women. We all have to transform our money story in order to make money (and do it again at every new level in our biz), this is a


I can give to you, if you don’t transform your relationship with money, get rid of those voices in your head about whatever money means to you (ie bad, “those people”, “hardwork” “you are not enough”) you will NOT succeed. This was one of the key lessons I had to learn growing my business. And grow it I did, 450% increase in one year.

Hey, here’s the truth:
a BREAKTHROUGH has to happen.

So, YOU have a big vision and don’t know how to fully execute it.

You have had some success but you have hit a plateau.

You have something big to offer the world, you are brilliant at your craft…. but not so great at the business building part.

You are what I call a woman on the “edge of her own evolution”.

You are done with all that shit flying around in your head! The wondering. The overthinking. The WTF “why am I not where I think I should be and KNOW I could be?”

Therefore, you are ready to unlock all your potential.

YOU just have to do the work. Period. Stop overthinking it all. You have a mission. Consequently, that’s all you need to remember!

Remember, you already are BOLD. You wouldn’t be here, right now, reading this if you weren’t BOLD.


Brave Outgoing Leader Deciding to have MORE…of whatever the hell you want.

What do you want? Have you allowed yourself to actually say it outloud? Declare it to the world? Or is it a secret you have had for YEARS and you are finally ready to make it happen….you just don’t know exactly how?

Business is actually simpler than we think.

We just need to focus on developing a plan, creating systems to support the plan and having mindset breakthroughs so we don’t screw up the great plan or sabotage the systems.

Mastering the Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan has allowed me to build a multi-6 figure business all while being the mama to my long, lean 10 year old daughter, River, her Girl Scout Leader, home room mama and party planner extraordinaire; the wife, friend and lover to my hunky hubby, John; take a dozen trips in 2015, buy my dream home, rent a private cabin for a year next to a National Forest (I love my heels and my hiking boots), work from home-or the beach-or the tea shop-or my Dad’s house….where ever I want.

Taking personal responsibility and FINALLY allowing yourself to be the REAL YOU will make has made all the difference in your biz (and your life for that matter).

(check out some of my clients results right here).

Yes, I am a big believer in YOU.

YOU are so powerful, maybe you just forgot. Maybe “other” people in their desire to “help” have caused you to doubt yourself. Well, NO MORE. Therefore, it’s time to own your power and allow yourself to do WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT….and that means you need to have enough money to enjoy more free time!

Oh, and can I share my mission…I believe you will relate. My company name is SeeTheSigns, LLC., (the whoo whoo in me) we want to Touch 1 Million Lives: Teaching 1000 practitioners How to Reach 1000 Clients.


Need the “official” bio:

Mary Bicknell, LCSW is President and Founder of MaryBicknell.com — an International Success Coaching & Consulting company focusing on teaching women how to become the leader they need (and want) to be in life and in business. She is the creator of several highly impactful programs and has helped more than 10,000 women worldwide transform.

Make Money Coaching: The Foundations Course™: Put your excuses away. This is the single most important Course therapists, practitioners, mental health and wellness professionals need to create the Money Making Foundations of a profitable biz. Full of DFY templates, exact plans, radical mindset shifts and systems, everything is laid out in an easy to implement and actionable format. Support and accountability built right into Course with weekly personal live coaching for a one whole year.

The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan™: For Therapists Who Want To Coach is for the therapist or health professional who are ready for the next level of learning. Ready to build their programs, ready to create their content and client attracting machine.

The Regret Proof Life® is Mary’s signature program and she is currently putting this into a book. The program is based on years of working with women as a psychotherapist and as a success coach. The program supports women in 8 key areas of their lives. How you do one thing is how you do all things, this program helps women excel in the personal AND their professional lives. Within this program is the Results Formula, a tool that teaches women how to be in control of her thoughts, her feelings and her actions allowing her to have the results she wants in every area of her life.

Mary’s mission for the past 25 years, is to help people see their capabilities. Mary combines her years as a Clinical Social Worker and a psychotherapist with her experience as a sales and cognitive behavioral trainer to help people worldwide have all the money they need to create all the time freedom they want….guilt free.


  • *Marching in D.C. for women’s rights.
  • *Lobbying for food at Maryland Capitol
  • *Statistical Analysis the Oklahoma State Capitol
  • *Director of Medicaid Oklahoma
  • *Private Practice
  • *Social Worker: Level 5 schools
  • *Home Health & Hospice
  • *Behavioral Staff Trainer for over 25 Nursing Homes
  • *Numerous Psychiatric Units both Adult and Children
  • *Numerous Medical Units
  • *Relationship Coaching
  • *Personal & Professional Coaching for Women
  • *Business Consulting
  • *Speaker All Across The Country


Mary earned her bachelor’s of social work (BSW) from Morgan State University. She completed her advanced placement master’s of social work degree (MSW) from the University of Oklahoma. And was the only one in her class to receive the Carl Albert Fellowship. She currently holds a LCSW in the state of Oregon.

Mary embraces candor as a form of respect, never wanting to waste people’s time, “beating around the bush”. Her clients tell her that she gives them a kick in the a** while giving them a hug. She believes once you get your mental house in order, it is just a matter of creating a plan and implementing systems to achieve your goals. With time as her main driver, Mary works closely with clients to find effective ways to embolden them to get their B.S. (blindspot) breakthroughs done “already” so they can get on with having everything they dream about, because it is all possible.

In addition to speaking all across the country, Mary has been featured in the news, has been a guest on various podcasts, telesumitts, magazines and she gives interviews in newspapers, podcasts, summits, and magazines.

On a personal note, Mary and her family moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 when her husband, Lt Col John Bicknell retired from the Marine Corps. Knowing no one and not having a job or a house, they lived out their philosophy of #bebolditstime. When Mary is not busy with business, she is a mama to her 13-year-old daughter, River, and a wife to John (who is her biz partner) and the wrangler to three black cats and a cute little mutt.  Mary enjoys hiking, drinking coffee over a good book, and zoning out to cooking shows.

Let’s talk about how to grow your private practice. You, me & 40 minutes of answering some of those HOW-TO questions.