You probably have the same questions other therapists, mental health & wellness professionals, counselors, and service providers have about coaching.

You probably have realized it can substantially change your biz, your life & the life of your clients. For myself and many of my clients, it is a significant advantage to add coaching.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated with the limitations on how you help people? Maybe you are tired of dealing with insurance? Maybe you are someone who is ready to have a new population to serve and you want them to be higher functioning?

Maybe you want more free time and can’t even imagine seeing 25 clients a week for the rest of your career. You want to leverage your time and want to understand other ways to market yourself.

Maybe you are realizing the coaching industry is growing, second only to tech!

Yeah, the second-fastest growing industry. This means that people are hiring coaches. Most coaches can easily start making $200+ an hour or create a package of $1000 a month for 3 months.

Maybe you are wondering about how to niche? Or what you are going to charge?

What about the issue with ethics and your license?


This is for everyone in the mental health & wellness professionals, you know, people who help people!


And just so you know…yes, you can impact the world and make a lot of money by being a coach.

Your skills as a therapist will benefit you!


1: Why should I add coaching?


2: How do I sell? I’m not good at it and I don’t like it. How is it ethical and not manipulative?

3: Is visibility, sharing about yourself & boundaries different from coaching?

4: So many questions around Money: talking it, your baggage around it, allowing yourself to make sh*t tons of it!


5: Marketing: Who? Where? How?

6: Sell: What do I sell? packages? pricing?

7: Delivery: How are you going to work with clients? online? in person?


8: Legal et. al.: what about my license? do I need separate websites, names or bank accounts?

9: Getting their money…before services? What, this completely opposite of what we do now?

10: Customer care: f/u, lost prospects, maintenance. How to communicate with potential clients and active clients.

Need a little more support or prefer to read?

You will find a list of all the questions and answers.




p.s.: As you move into the world of coaching, you will have the option to serve people all around the world if you like. This will help you become better prepared for the variety of potential clients you will see. Remember, your coaching business is your business. You are allowed to see who you want. You do not have to take on every person you speak with. Coaching gives you freedom.



before you go, if you want a deeper dive, if you want to coach, if you want the whole deal on how I went from 46k to 213k in my first full year as a coach…well, check out our program!

We start soon, so you gotta see if it’s a fit for you.

Maybe you are working full time and are thinking about coaching as a side gig, or maybe you are tired of the therapy grind?


One way or another, this will help you see if coaching is right for you and learn how to market, sell and make money!


Want to know more…..hey, yeah you do! 

Don’t miss the fun!