3 Ways To Pivot Your Private Practice


And create 5 revenue streams.

You need to be wise, wealthy & don’t wing it.

1: Allow yourself to be wealthy. Get out of limiting medical model, therapy, helper mentality.

2: Know your MONEY NUMBERS. Stop leaving tens of thousands and HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars on the table. Leverage your time by hiring 1099 for your clinical biz and shift your clients and referrals to them.

For example: you hire Sally 1099 therapist, you give her the 60/40% split. The hourly rate is 150.

You give her 10 clients. YOUR cut is 60.00 per client.

So 60 x 10 = 600 per week.

Now 600 x 52 weeks= 31,200….here’s the money….if you only did this with one contractor for ten years, that’s $ 312,000.00 .

Would it be worth it to you to have at least ONE contractor if you could have an extra 312k? Stop giving other people this money by sending them away!

3: Offer a high-ticket online group program. Here’s the numbers: 10 people @ 2k = 20k.

Run this program 6 x’s per year. 20k x 6 = 120,000. HERE’s the behind-the-scenes money: upsell a VIP day, allow them to move into a higher group and retain them for year or so. NOW, offer that recorded group program as a self-study digital program at a grand a pop. Create a funnel that sells 10 a month. That’s another 120,000.00

Here are 5 revenue streams outline:

1.you doing high ticket

2. contractor or contractors working with clients

3. high-ticket group program

4. upsell into a next level program or vip

5. digital automated funnel

Yes, you can do this.

Yes, it is 100% possible

Money is everywhere.

Clients are everywhere.

Decide to be wealthy.

Decide to have Meaning & Money.


I believe in YOU

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