The 4P’s of a Masterclass


You’ve decided to host a masterclass, or maybe you call it a workshop or webinar, congrats.

Here’s the key, you want to focus on YOU being the solution!

YOU being the how.

During your presentation, you are showing your prospective clients all of the things they need to do and why they need to do them.

Are you clear on their pain points?

Are you clear on what they really want as far as results and outcomes?

If so, the 4P’s of a Masterclass will be so very easy!

If not, stop right now.

You need to narrow your focus, you need to tighten your niche, you need to get 100% clear on your package, program or offer.

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Okay, for those of you ready, here you go.

Now, I have given dozens and dozens of talks, masterclasses, workshops and the like over the years, and breaking it down and focusing clearly on each phase has eliminated the overwhelm completely.

#1: Preselling Phase: This is the promise of what’s to come. This is where you are reinforcing what they will walk away with. This is where you outline who this is FOR and who it’s not for. Why today, why now. 

#2: Positioning Phase: This is to highlight you and your success, in other words, this is where you are saying, “Hey, listen to me, I’ve got your solution.”

You make that deep connection, your story resonates with them, they begin with the KLT factor, you have a beginning of emotional resonance.

#3: Process Phase:  This is when you move into what needs to happen in order for their BIG PROBLEM to have the BIG DREAM outcome they desire. 

This is where you begin to discuss the results. This is where you show the steps to your solution. You are showing the WHAT needs to happen to have the BIG DREAM, not all of the how-to’s, that’s what your offer/CTA is for. Go big here, truly paint the vision, this is your section to shine with your wisdom. 

What are the key problems, myths, misconceptions and share an exercise or testimonial. 

The JUICE of why they are watching.

#4: Product Promise Phase: This is the invitation to your product. This is the “why you should buy” phase. 

This is sharing the PROMISE of your product. This is reminding them of their bleeding neck, broken leg, extra weight, lost life. Why now. Why today. 

Bold Action Steps:

Decide today, what is the name of your program that you are launching.

Now, get clear on her Big Dream & Big Problem.

How are you the solution?

What’s your offer?


You see you deserve to have a Regret Proof Life®


I believe in YOU

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