How To Sell With Ease


Grad school didn’t teach you how to sell.

Grad school didn’t teach you how to build and market a business that will give you a lifetime of joy and profit.

Yes, you may hate the idea of selling, but if you want to move into the realm of owning a business, reaching more people, having time off and enjoying a fantastic income, you my friend must learn to sell.

If you hate selling, that’s gotta change if you ever want to truly have the income you say you want. 

Watch this to learn: How to move away from the exchanging dollar for hour services business model, embrace being a CEO business owner and learn that selling is only conveying to your prospective ideal client how you can help them.

BOLD Action Steps: What did you learn by doing the BOLD Action Steps?

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You see you deserve to have a Regret Proof Life®


I believe in YOU


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Mary Bicknell, LCSW.


Former psychotherapist & social worker, Mary is now a business trainer, coach & consultant for women therapists, clinicians, practitioners, counselors and wellness professionals who are ready to build a business that gives them all the time and $$$ they crave.


As a social worker, I was never taught in grad school how I could actually build a business, find perfect ideal clients, design my day, charge what I wanted and become a success.


Coaching has allowed me to do work I love with women who are amazing, take off anytime I want because I make the best boss ever and actually eliminate any financial fears because I understand how to attract my ideal client who is excited to work with me.


It’s all possible. You can have your own Big, Bold Life & Biz! Why not you? #beBOLDitsTIME!


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You see you deserve to have a Regret Proof Life®

Mary I believe in YOU!