How look at your therapy and business from a financial perspective due to COVID-19


Wondering how to handle all of the data and information about what to do with your finances as it relates to the coronavirus?

Listen in to quest expert, Jennie Schottmiller, LFMT & CPA as she clearly answers the burning questions and outlines next steps.


“My passion is helping others. I created Simple Profit using my accounting and tax knowledge to help clinicians, coaches and other small service business owners to understanding basic accounting and develop skills to analyze financial data so they can be masters of their own small businesses. Simple Profit operates under Vivify Coaching LLC.”


For more information and an up-to-date information page, find her website here.


And wondering if you should give a discount during the crisis?

Here’s my answer. 

No, you don’t need to discount your packages right now (in the pandemic, or anytime in fact), you don’t need to make less because you feel guilty.

Instead, here are 5 ways to think differently about making an offer and sign new clients virus, or not.

Click here:—>>>>5 Strategies to sign new clients. 



You see you deserve to have a Regret Proof Life®


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Mary Bicknell, LCSW.


Former psychotherapist & social worker, Mary is now a business trainer, coach & consultant for women therapists, clinicians, practitioners, counselors and wellness professionals who are ready to build a business that gives them all the time and $$$ they crave.


As a social worker, I was never taught in grad school how I could actually build a business, find perfect ideal clients, design my day, charge what I wanted and become a success.


Coaching has allowed me to do work I love with women who are amazing, take off anytime I want because I make the best boss ever and actually eliminate any financial fears because I understand how to attract my ideal client who is excited to work with me.


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You see you deserve to have a Regret Proof Life®

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