Are you stuck spinning with the “what should I do first” when it comes to your coaching business? Here are the 3 most important steps when thinking about starting your coaching business.

Have you ever had that moment of back and forth of should I or shouldn’t I?

Maybe you are worried you aren’t enough?

Maybe you wonder if coaching is for you?

Uggg, all those thoughts are exhausting and aren’t getting you to your Big, Bold, Dream Life!

Let me ask you, with many women having amazing results with their coaching business, what makes you so special that you can’t make it?

Right, you are capable of following through! You have had successes in your life!

Here is a resource that will help you further. The tops 10 questions and answers you to need to know to get started coaching.

Ready for a Breakthrough?

Ready to have your Blindspots revealed?

Schedule a chat with me. And if you are open to being recorded as part of my training that would be great.

Mary Bicknell, LCSW: Former psychotherapist turned The Regret Proof Life® Coach and Biz Consultant and Coach for Mental Health and Wellness Professionals Who Want to Coach.

The Regret Proof Life®: How to Stop Doubting & StartDoing So You Can Have What You Really Really Want…Cuz Why The Hell NOT?

Hey, It’s Time for you & your future self to feel happy & proud every single day. 

Mary has spent the last 20+ years helping women become their best, most empowered badass selves! Whether it was working at Johns Hopkins, various psych units, having a private practice herself or helping create a marketing plan that will build a successful biz, Mary’s mission is to help women change their thinking! 

Mary takes a stand for women choosing to be BOLD, showing up fully, grabbing everything thing they want personally and professionally…and doing so all unapologetically and guilt-free. 

She believes women sometimes forget how powerful they are, and she helps remind them.

Mary embraces candor as a form of respect, never wanting to waste people’s precious time beating around the bush. 

Overcoming your self-doubts and realizing you are pretty cool takes being courageous, brave & bold. 

It starts with getting your head on straight (aka: your thinking!) 

#bebolditstime my friend!

You deserve to experience #theregretprooflife!