We celebrated Thanksgiving last week.

John, River & I ate tons of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce!

We (okay, not John) put up the t.v. room tree and have begun all the downstairs decorating.

Check out how cute this little tree is in River’s t.v. room!

The colors all coordinate in the room! I love that!

It is #1 of the 3 trees that will be put up.


I don’t know about you, but the holidays, the end of the year always get me into deep think mode. Yeah, I probably should say DEEPER think mode.

This year I experienced something so very powerful and it is the thing I know we all seek. In fact, working with my clients, well this is one of the 3 things they work with me on…..

Emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom.Click To Tweet

or you could call it: emotional health.

or you could think of it as this: getting my thinking right.

You know, your thinking is one of the biggest contributors to your EMOTIONS.

Yeah, if you feel like crap, it’s from your thinking.

good news, if you feel happy, proud, excited etc. it’s from your thinking.

Well, usually around this time of year, my thinking goes right to the fact that I don’t have any sort of relationship with my mother.

It used to make me so sad. And while, yes, it isn’t great, the truth is, I decided not to have a relationship with her any more.

See, when we talked it caused so much angst. So much anxiety. So much dislike. So much pain.

And when I realized my thinking of “for me to be a good daughter I must put up with all the crazy bullshit my mother pulls on me” was

NOT in fact what I HAD to do.

Well, that changed everything.

This Thanksgiving I was even more grateful because nothing impacted my joy.

Yes, realizing my thinking about the JUDGEMENT of who I would be as a person/daughter was in the way of my real happiness.

Yes, realizing my thinking about the JUDGEMENT of who I would be as a person/daughter was in the way of my real happiness.Click To Tweet

And there you go, emotional freedom.

Emotional health.

A change in my mindset.

I used my Big Breakthrough Formula (frankly over and over and over) to allow me to really EXAMINE MY THINKING AND FEELINGS with curiosity!

As always, the more I truly know myself, the more I realize how powerful I am in creating my own reality!

  • What do you do to get empowered?
  • What do you say to yourself?
  • What process do you have?? (I’ll be sharing this Formula with you in the next week’ish)

You want emotional freedom.

You want to stop worrying.

You want to end those negative emotions that stop you from accomplishing the big dreams and goals you want in your life!

You want to feel happy, joyful and proud every single day.

You deserve it!


when life does hand you those situations that suck, that feel like shit, that make you cry, that make you feel like you aren’t good enough (“i’m not a good daughter”), make you question yourself….and on and on.


#BOLDTRUTH: it is possible for you to have the life you want! it is possible to have emotional freedom.




I believe in YOU!

#beBOLDitstime! You deserve to experience #theregretprooflife!



p.s. and yes, I will share those other 2 trees photos from the other spots in the house!

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