Somedays you just can’t hide anymore.

Somedays you just can't hide anymore.Click To Tweet

Somedays it’s just time to get real.

Recently, two good friends turned 50.

YEAH 50, fifty.

Recently, my friend’s 44 y/o brother in law….stage 4 cancer.

Recently, bought new bras for my 12 y/o where has the time gone.

Recently, I heard about another divorce.

Recently, another amazing woman stopped herself from going for it.

Recently, I looked in the mirror.

How many days had I looked in the mirror pretending not to see how powerful and capable I am?

Do you know what I mean?

Sooner or later it has to happen.

Sooner or later we all have to get our shit together.

Sooner or later we all have to get our shit together.Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, not everyone does.

But you can, dear reader.

You can decide to show up for yourself.

You can own how amazing you are!

You can say NO to the stuff that doesn’t matter!

You can say YES to all the stuff you really, really, really want!

You can be 100% confident.

You can erase ever feeling full of doubt.

Suffering is a choice.

Suffering is a choice.Click To Tweet

Every day you look in the mirror and choose NOT to be 100% all in for the real you…well, that’s the cause of your suffering.

And hey, if today is one of those days where you are thinking…it’s a BIG DAY cuz you got your shit together, well congrats!!

Have you ever had someone support you? Hold you accountable? Have a tight system to use for your success?? Need a breakthrough?

What would it look like for you and me to just talk?

Not have a BIG SALES CONVERSATION, but you just talk to me and ask me what could be different for you and HOW.

Just a talk. If you want more, or if I think we should have a big, sales conversation, I’ll tell you.

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