Dirt was everywhere. It found it’s way to cracks and crevasses I didn’t really know I had.


We had been planning this for years!

We meaning….me.

And I kept putting it off because I overanalyzed everything.

I’m not in my best shape?

Can I do it?

Will it be fun?

Is it worth the cost?


Will River have fun?

My husband is a retired Marine, how fun could it possibly be for ME to do this with him…jump through fire, running…(John and I have never worked out together. 10 mile hikes, yeah, but not running or weight lifting! We did work out at the SAME TIME when he worked at the Pentagon. Yeah, me, I worked out at the Pentagon...super cool!)

Anyhow, the time had come. I am committed right now to really doing things that are physical, doing more to get into the best shape of my life, watching what I eat, working out almost every day….you KNOW, all the stuff to feel physically empowered!

physically capable!

Just like any goal we set. In life. In biz.

There are things you just have to do.

Worry or not, when you DECIDE how you want your life to be.

When you DECIDE the day has come for zero excuses.Click To Tweet

Magic happens.

The b.s. goes away.

Remember, so many times you hear this (which I think is a crock)….just go with the flow.

Allow for ease.

Don’t do things that are hard.


I disagree.

That’s the easy way OUT.

Push yourself to go for something…anything!

Push yourself right the hell out of your comfort zone!

Push yourself right into the life & biz you dream about!

No ONE is going to deliver it up on a silver platter.

No ONE was going to run the Warrior Dash with me and my family.

Sometimes you have to get dirty to reach a goal.Click To Tweet

Sometimes it takes more than you thought and other times…so much easier than you worried about.

Either way…PUSH. Do it!

Your #bigboldlifeandbiz is waiting for you.

You can have it all, and why wouldn’t you??


Believe in YOU, dear reader of mine…I do,