How often do you have the secret thought, you want to quit your business?

Four separate women all shared the same feeling last week. And I am so sure it is thousands and thousands more, but hey, I only connected with 4 who told me this.

“Sometimes I just want to quit.”

OMG, I had the instant thought about Mercury or the moon or Trump or SOMETHING was up, because I was shocked to hear these words.

Most of the women I speak with are go getters and want to have it all, want to prove to themselves they are fab at their businesses, have a heart as big as Texas and want to serve the world.

Clearly, I relate, just as I am sure you do.

Have you had those moments where you wanted to throw in the towel.

And actually quit your biz??

What I have found to be helpful is this,

When you are feeling like this, number one, it’s normal. Being a small biz owner or solopreneur sitting behind your computer in your smelly yoga pants can feel ISOLATING!

You probably wonder if anyone else feels like you do!

They DO.

Also remember this, it’s a SIGN.

sign you need some tweaking to your biz, to your systems, to your approach.

Or yeah, could be a sign you should just quit.

BUT knowing you like I do,  if you are reading this, than you don’t really want to quit, you want to get it right, make it work, make money, make a difference….and create the life you love!

And just so you know, you could count me as number 5.

Yeah, I was feeling like I wanted to quit my biz.

I was/am in the middle of a big growth spurt in my biz, trying a few new things, meeting a ton of new people, having new opportunities…and yet, something was OFF.

You know what I mean by OFF?

So instead of just quitting:

Try these BOLD ACTION STEPS…first.

1. Step away from your biz for a few days. (I recently did this and went to Vegas to see my dad and step-mom…no, I didn’t win a freakin’ single cent, but I only lost $35 bucks. I also pet my dog and cats, talk with my accountability partner, read, take walks, try to laugh….but also so important, GET QUIET! stop with the being so “crazy busy”)

Or maybe it will only take a day. Sometimes the best thing to do is get some distance. When we are IN our business day after day after day after day, we lose prospective on what is working, or what could actually work BETTER.

2. Look at your systems.

Are you doing things you are not good at doing? For example: follow up, writing emails, anything that involves a spreadsheet, customer acquisition, customer care, social media.

You should be focusing on the MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES you rock at!

You should be focusing on the CLIENT DELIVERABLES that only YOU can deliver.

Are you actually building a business model you love?

Are you marketing in a way that attracts clients to you, that you love, that feels in alignment with who you are?

3. After you are done analyzing, stop doing the things you suck at or that don’t bring in cash.

Find some support.

Hire an intern. For $49 bucks a month, you could have someone else do some of your stuff!

Hire a housekeeper.

Hire the kid down the street edit your videos. (Seriously, there is a 12 year old kid that knows more than me when it comes to iMovie)

4. Run your numbers when thinking of hiring support.

To make this easy with round numbers:

You make $100 an hour when you are working with clients.

It takes you 25 hours to figure out how to build a talk that converts. Yeah, you want to start speaking and understand that speaking in front of your perfect ideal client is a brilliant way to leverage your marketing power!

That’s $2500 bucks worth of time building something you don’t know would convert, because you dont’ really understand how to create a talk that will bring in clients, add to your email list, position you as an expert, have other people wanting to have you speak at their events, connections…and on and on.

(I built my business on speaking. Speaking was the thing that helped me increase my biz 450% in a single year. How?? I build a talk that attracted clients to me like a magnet! So fun, too!)

AND just so you know…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU needs to be building an email list. YOU own your email list. You don’t own your LinkedIn contacts, your FB friends information or groups etc.

So, now you are tired and frustrated and worried because you don’t know how to find speaking gigs.

GET support. Hire someone to help you with designing your talk so you can make tons of money from giving it!

How much would cost to hire someone for a few hours to help you build a high converting talk?

Here’s another one: You spend all day Sunday cleaning your house. Say 5 hours. And then you are tired on Monday because you didn’t allow yourself to be re-freshed over the weekend.

Why not pay a house keeper $20 bucks an hour and have it cleaned on Fridayso it’s wonderful all weekend long? She will be able to knock it out in 4 hoursinstead of your 5….cost to you $100 bucks.

You could make that in a single hour with a client.

Yeah, so permission to quit the stuff you suck at, the stuff that you hate, the stuff you don’t want to do.

NOW, I can almost hear you right now.

“Yeah, but Mary, I can’t hire anyone.”

Two things on this. One, get into the logic of the time you are wasting and the financial cost of it…not to mention the energy drain.

And, two, set a time line one when you will hire.

Bottomline, stop trying to get better at things you are only a 5 or below at.

It’s better to work on becoming a 9 at something you are a 7 at, than a 4 from something you are a 2 at.

5. Final thoughts and questions to get you thinking…

So, sit down, love yourself enough to ask, “Hey Wonderful Self, what are the top 10 things I ROCK AT and what are the 10 ten things I hate doing or are not making me money.”

Are you great at writing copy?

Are you great at cooking for the week?

Are you great at working with your clients?

What are you fantastic at?

What do you LOVE doing?

What makes you money?

What if you adopted the philosophy of:If I don’t love it I don’t do it and if I don’t make money at it I don’t do it?

Want someone to bounce a few ideas off of?

Need some new insights, a different perspective?

Let’s talk. Let’s laser in on what you are brilliant at, and what needs to shift.

Let’s talk. Let’s figure out what is costing you time and money and energy.

Permission granted to quit the stuff you suck at, and to hire someone for help.

You are destined to have whatever you want in this life.

You are here to never settle.

You do not have to live by the motto…that’s good enough.

What is waiting for you right this very moment?


Be bold! be courageous!