Being Busy Isn’t Sexy!

Hey 3 Cool Things Friday!

Gorgeous Reader…

Let’s be frank, being busy isn’t sexy at all. It’s TIRED.

You are tired and's probably because you have been doing a lot of stuff that doesn't really bring you joy. It just keeps that addiction alive, the being busy addiction. And before you know is over and you question if you really have done what you came here to do?Click To Tweet

Today we women must rise up, take better care of ourselves, get the shit done that will finally make us proud and  live a #regretprooflife.

So ready, here you go….HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION SLIP!

Yes, you can stop being busy and live out that kick ass life and build your mini-empire if you choose!

No more stress.

Here are your 3 Cool Things!

  1. Personal Responsibility is SEXY! When you finally allow yourself to own your life, make real decisions and implement the change needed to make that cools stuff happen…that’s HOT! Yeah, you will feel proud of yourself and that translates into being a better wife, mother, lover, friend, aunt, business owner….and all of the other hats you were, my dear! Maybe this will help. 
  2. Stress. It’ll kill you! Here is the American Psychological Association 2017 report on Stress In America .  The number one stressor is the current state of the Country (hello, big shocker here….Donald Trump is President. Anyone still dazed over this??) The second stressor is MONEY. Ladies it is time to get your money together. No more do you need to off load your financial responsibilities onto someone else! Yeah, fits in perfectly with the whole Personal Responsibility theme….start with this Money Map. It will actually help you feel more EMPOWERED once you get your money straight. Quit quiz…what is 1 + 1?? Did you say 2, than guess what, you got this cuz money is just numbers!
  3. Give Yourself a Little Time Out. When was the last time you went to the spa? Had a massage? Nails? Hired a housekeeper. You can’t be the best you if you don’t delegate (and automate in your biz). What about even just taken a hot bath?

When Epsom salt is dissolved in warm water, the magnesium is absorbed through the skin to help replenish magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium helps promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. (read…less stressed) It also increases energy and reduces irritability. (read …less bitchy ) Epsom salt baths can help improve your sleep and concentration.

I know, I know…your too busy to take a bath. Well, for those of you who are mom’s let me push the mama guilt button…

Being Busy Isn't Sexy!Click To Tweet


Really asking yourself…are you happy? Are your proud of what you are doing?

What would you do if you have real FREE time?

Could you even enjoy it?

What lesson are you teaching your kids by being so busy?

Do you want them to sacrifice time with your grandkids?

Do you want to continue missing out?

Do you want your son to expect his wife to work all the time?

Do you want your daughter to give up her hopes and dreams to be “crazy busy”?

Nah, you don’t. So scratch off some of those busy bee kinda things that make you resentful cuz you don’t want to do them anyway!

And head to the spa!


You deserve a #regretprooflife,


p.s…..seriously, get your MONEY together, ladies! More women live in poverty when they are old. YOU need to be empowered. Start with this