Never discount your services, even you are asked.

First recognize this is going to happens sometimes. And it happens when your marketing is not a. on brand, b. full of fear tactics, c. carry your lack money mindset vibe…and d. you haven’t done your market research properly. (or because your co-dependency stuff comes up)

But, if you have done those things correctly, it is easy to convey why you don’t discount.

What you want to learn to do as part of your sales conversation is overcome the objections before they even come up. (need more help on sales calls use this script) 

Why not offer a discount?

You are surely someone with a heart and really wants to help people. So, when you discount the service you change the equal exchange. And to be fair, though a discount sounds nice to some, the psychological impact subconsciously says a few things:

  1. No one wants this service. (hey, think about when you go to the mall and buy the sale stuff, you feel good about it, but you also know it’s marked down for a reason!)
  2. The person doesn’t have enough biz or they wouldn’t “have to” discount.
  3. The prospect could buy into the discounted price and believe YOU will give a discounted service.
  4. The prospect will not VALUE the service because she got it “cheap.”

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As a biz owner, you need to be prepared for objections, you need to be 100% confident in your full price offer and you need to have mastered your own money mindset.

Check out the video to get the exact words to share:

  1. How your biz/packages are different.
  2. Why you do not take insurance (if you are in a typical insurance based biz)
  3. Understand what you can do instead of a discount and how it may be of great service to the client.


Need help figuring out how to price your services and packages, this will help.

Want to get TIGHT on your sales calls so you close more deals WITHOUT being pushy!, this will help .

And here is help for getting your MONEY MINDSET in order, and really understanding what you want and how to look at your money making numbers!



  1. Review the video for the exact words to use when discussing why you don’t discount your services
  2. Make your own the sample script for what to say about NOT discounting your prices and keep it on your desk for those sales calls.
  3. Make sure you are 100% confident in your offerings. Your confidence comes from knowing you can deliver what you promise!
  4. Master the sales conversation so you know if you are a fit for her and if she is a fit for you.


You deserve to be paid what you are worth. Your job is to own your worth and claim your value.

Leave me a comment and share how you will tweak the sample script I share on the video.