Get ready to get permission to eat chocolate, have an easy dinner…and get a little lovin’ in for the man! 

So it’s gonna be 2018 really soon!

Gratitude is critical to your success. Appreciation for your relationships is critical to your success. Being in a place of taking full responsibility for your life & biz is critical to your success. Here are 3 resources to help you.

1. Show the man a little words of affection. Being a biz owner can be (note CAN BE) a challenge for a relationship. I’m working on a big, how-to not get divorced due to your biz blog post, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, think about your relationships and how YOU can be in a place of gratitude.

Now, what can you do to document this and GIVE you love letter to them. Yeah, your lover, your kids, your mama….don’t limit yourself. The very act of putting this in writing will HEAL. The very act of putting this in writing will FEEL so good to you and the receiver. Here’s one I wrote to John. (and don’t we look sweet getting rained on during our wedding!)

2. Stop killing yourself because you aren’t organized with your dinners, food etc. Okay, I have talked about this before and I’ll talk about this again. My guilt over feeding my family burritos and rotisserie chicken for WEEKS ON END when I first started my biz because I was not organized. That has changed. I never buy cooked chicken now, yuck! River’s taste buds are forever ruined and she is in love with beans, rice and cheese.

I am frequently asked about how I stay organized. And food is one of those things I need to keep organized, and though, it’s better I still have some room to grow. I often cook large amounts and freeze them. I also have a few fun gadgets that help.  (more on those another day:)

One of the key things for me is my energy level. When I lack in sleep and eat junk, 1. I feel like shit, 2. I am bitchy 3. I, frankly, am too old to keep this vicious cycle up. And I’m also TIRED of having any conversation related to losing this 15 pounds! There I said it, this is one of my big goals by March 31.

I remember when Oprah turned 50 she said this,

After all these years, Oprah says she can’t believe she’s still discussing this (her weight) topic. “With all the other things that I know how to do and all the other things that I’m so great at and all the other accomplishments, I can’t believe I’m still talking about weight,” she says.

Here is one of my new favorite recipes! I took a cooking class, learned how to make a few sheet pan dinners. Super easy. Super simple. Made them for dinner parties, etc. I’ll share the others in the future….look, you have to try these! (i’ll send you my social media links soon and will share more there, would love to connect so I can see what you cook up!)

3. Chocolate. Here’s a fun interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried. If you dont’ know her, she has written books about hormones and staying younger….I’m her PERFECT ideal client, ha!! So, grab yourself some chocolate after you make that sheet pan dinner. (yeah, I know, I talked about the weight, and part of better self-care is NOT to go to extremes!)