How to Find a Soul Mate: The Soul Mate Checklist

You want to find a soul mate.  You are longing for him. You don’t want to be alone. You may be ready for a family. You wonder if he is out there! Where are you???

For the love of God…, show up already!!

You keep telling the Universe, “Hey, I’m ready for a him to come along!!!”

First things first, Gorgeous!  You have to know what you want!!

Considering someone who found her yummy, hunky hubby by creating a SOUL MATE SECRET CHECKLIST (by doing this…, knowing what questions to ask before the first date), I‘m here to tell you that you have to go for it! You have to ask for what you want! You have to ask for all the good stuff you want in a partner.

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Seriously…do this.  Go find a sweet little coffee shop, buy yourself a cup of joe, and start to dream!

BOLD ACTION STEPS: How to Find a Soulmate: The Soul Mate Checklist

STEP #1: You need to grab your journal, and on three different pages title the following:

  1. Wants, Needs and Desires
  2. Negotiable
  3. Non-Negotiable

STEP #2: Okay, flip back to page #1 and make a list of 10 Wants, Needs, and Desires.

Think this through. Imagine how amazing this will feel when you have the man in front of you who matches these 10 items!  You get to take personal responsibility for your life! Own it!  Do you want someone who is tall, dark and handsome? Does he need to have a college education? Love golf? Vegan? Think of your core values. What about your political beliefs? Does he want a family? Do you?  Wealthy? How important is money?  Okay with being the stay at home dad while you build your empire?

STEP #3: Next, go to the Negotiable page.  What don’t you really care about? He is shorter than you? He has a dog, but doesn’t like cats? He wants two kids but not three? He likes to hike in the mountains and doesn’t like the beach?  Write down 10 things. Go into detail.

STEP #4: And finally, go the Non-Negotiable page.  I’m going to get serious here… Your Non-Negotiable list is critical to follow. If he has all 10 of the Want, Need & Desires, but has even ONE (yes, even a single one) of the things you wrote down on the Non-Negotiable….Don’t try to have a relationship with him. That non-negotiable will come back to bite you in the buns if you do. It’s not worth it. Don’t do it to yourself. Don’t settle. DON’T worry if you think you are being “picky.”

So to be CRYSTAL CLEAR…if he has even ONE non-negotiable.


And you know I’m right. You know if you settle with a non-negotiable, eventually the good stuff won’t even matter!!

Here are a couple of other Key Things to Remember….HERE

I believe in you more than you will ever know!

Here’s to your BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ,