Your therapy or coaching business is not growing as fast thought it would.

Uggg…it’s painful to even entertain the words failing, stuck or worried.

When you dreamed of the day you would be able to help people, if you are like most of us as we left grad school, you had zero idea of the amount of work involved in building your own business and practice.

Thinking of it failing was not part of the equation. (okay maybe you were worried a little). It’s not growing as you wanted it to. Yes, that’s painful!

But….here’s the good news all of these issues are FIXABLE!

Yeah! You Got This!

You see when you were in grad school you were thinking about the “WHAT.”

  • What you were going to help people with.
  • What your modality was.
  • What you would say to your clients.
  • What you didn’t do in grad school was think about this:


Get great at marketing. And not just old school marketing.

  • Maybe you just thought you would get on insurance panels.
  • Maybe you thought you could just tell your family & friends.
  • Maybe you thought you could just put up a Facebook biz page, or a Psychology Today profile.
  • Maybe you actually didn’t think of it much at all. And guess what, you are normal!

So now what?

You want to either grow your therapy practice and build a thriving biz or maybe it’s a coaching business.

No matter which one, this will help you out.

Old school marketing works in conjunction with NEW school marketing.

Yes, I know you don’t even like the word MARKETING, but hey, it’s actually fun when you do it right!

You probably haven’t thought much about charging, or maybe you are BURNED OUT, FRIED and undercharging and underearning.


Winging it is for biz peeps who want to stay BROKE.


Let’s get real. Building a biz is like baking a cake. You must have all the ingredients just right.

You can’t just throw a bunch of things together and expect a wedding cake.

When you are building your biz, the cool thing is this, YOU can build something that is like a machine!

Once you get it going, it just takes upkeep.

Now, why is that FANTASTIC news! 

Because that gives you more time freedom to either add another revenue stream or….go to yoga!

You see, when you stop winging it, and implement a plan and put systems into place, it makes it all go much easier!

(hey, just like you do with clients! just like you did in school! I mean there was a curriculum right..a business building plan is what helps keep you from overwhelm, worry and feeling like shit!)


When it comes to charging or establishing your fees the way you think about money has a direct correlation.

Most of us never fully examined our thoughts about money.

Most of never thought about how us telling a client our fee might trigger us, or hold us back from building the biz.

I mean, you want to help people, right?

How does money play into this? This issue of how you think about money is a very similar to who am I going to help.

Both of these topics need a deep dive, a deeper review.

Why? Because frequently the answers are all wrapped up around worry and lack. You worry about how much to charge. You don’t want to be greedy. You want to help everyone.


You don’t want to turn people away.

The reality is, when you are clear about how much you charge, when you clean up your lack money mindset it is EASY to figure out who you want to help.

And more importantly, you become the GO TO for these people.

When people know YOU are the one! business becomes easier!

I mean think about it:

  • If you specialize in cardiac surgery…you’ll establish a name!
  • If you specialize in gluten-free cupcakes….you’ll establish a name!
  • If you specialize in relationship coaching for women 25-35…you’ll establish a name!
  • If you are a jack of all trades….you’ll be stuck, scared and not make money.


Good job on reaching out for a little support. This is one of the reasons many businesses fail. They never ask for help. If you are anything like most of us in the helping fields, we love to give help but don’t like to ask for it.

Here is a 2 part video training and workbook to help you with the FIXABLE reasons.CLICK HERE

Pinky promise, when you go through the training, and you use the workbook, you will be able to turn things around.

Remember….there are thousands of people who have private practices…and if they can do it, so can you.

Sometimes you just need help figuring out how to grow your private practice…and here are 5 reasons your practice is failing and how to fix them!! When you print out the workbook, watch the intro video first and then the deeper dive video.

Go through each step, take your time, answer all the questions. You will have a few moments of aha’s, a few moments of clarity…and you will have concrete action steps on what to do next.

Having all your degrees, certificates and your license does not mean you know how to build a business. It takes learning just like when you were in school. And you can do this.

Right now, there are people looking for what you have to offer and willing to pay you. 

Success has a formula, one that you can follow.

It sometimes is easier thinking about working with a client who has “issues” or problems, or mental health diagnoses or physical stuff going on…the HELPER hat is easy to put on. The learning lesson is putting on the BUSINESS owner hat. It doesn’t come easily to most of us. We need to learn how to be entrepreneurs and business owners. It really is part of the whole private practice piece of the puzzle.

Jump right here.

You have the power to change the 5 reasons why your private practice is not growing as fast as you like.

You can build a business you are proud of, make as much money as you like and serve all the fantastic clients you desire. I believe in you!! #bebolditstime Its’ YOUR TIME!!, Mary

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