How to save time. A few places you can use automation in your biz!
(money is one of them!)

You got into business because you want to make money so you can have more free time. Frequently when doing an business assessment it is shockingly clear how many clients do not have a system in place to collect money.

One of the keys to understand why you need to create a system for your client payments that is based on automation…is to get the psychology of the why & how-to.

Not only is this a huge waste of time, when it is not automated, it creates a funky barrier between the two of you! Your goal is to eliminate anything that would hinder your clients success and if you are having to have an awkward money conversation, well, it can create a riff between the two of you.

But, money collection is not that only place to automate so you can save time.

In this video learn a few key areas to save time, keep engaged with clients and yes, how to get paid….without it feeling sticky.


IMAGINE what it would feel like to KNOW you have a system supporting you in the collection of your client payments and how your CLIENT feels knowing YOU have a SOLID BUSINESS.

Really, nothing looks a little shaky when you don’t have a tight system or you have to have a conversation about what is owed.

Now this used to be old school, you know, you give someone your credit card and they swipe it, or maybe they write a check…not anymore.

There is no excuse not to automate your payments…it’s very easy!

Leave me a comment…what is your best tip to automate!