Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is someone I have been following for a few years and enjoy her Podcast.  Wow! John and I were fortunate enough to attend a small and exclusive training with a few of the best online business owners (and teachers).


Amy Porterfield Training Notes

John & I in San Diego for our 1st “Biz Training Getaway”

It is fantastic to be able to go to an event with my husband! Now that he and I are working together, it is fun to get away. So off we go! Dog in the kennel, my personal assistant to come over and tend to the cats….and most importantly, River well taken care of for the 3 nights we were gone.

Yep, usually when I go on a biz trip I am alone. To have John there, in this world of building online was fantastic! Truly my dream come true for he and I to work together!

Rick Mulready, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and Jasmine Star! It was Rick’s event and his guests were a perfect compliment to his Facebook Ads training (keep an eye out for the tips from his training!)

Mary Bicknell and Amy Porterfield

Tips from the Master Herself! Amy Porterfield

What an experience! We were able to ask DIRECT questions, get solid answers AND left feeling like we actually DO KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE ARE DOING!

And I asked Amy a few personal questions about her business…and she answered me!

Frankly, isn’t that worth all the cost of attending…nah, wait, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting the inside scoop! and being able to ask direct questions!!

Here’s the scoop on what I learned….get your notebook ready!

3 things you must do every day, min. # of opt-ins you need to have….and many more!

I have already implemented several of these tips…and what a difference in my biz!

Get ready….you really can make:

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield