You want freedom, right? I know you do.  You need personal responsibility first.

Take full personal responsibility over your life & biz

Even when you think, “Hey, I hired a guru to help me.” it doesn’t matter! At the end of the day…it’s your life…it’s your biz. And honestly, sometimes people hire coaches, or consultants or buy how to’s and do or DO NOT implement…so they can blame it on someone else.  In other words, they are not accepting personal responsibility.

And we do this out of fear! And it is normal! When we are stretching it can be scary. When we delve into a new space, a new decision, or a new commitment sometimes it would be nice to have someone else to blame for our failure. Or it gives us an out, like, “that didn’t work”.

BUT, when you do take personal responsibility guess what you get???


You deeply desire to have emotional freedom (no more 2 a.m. worries), financial freedom (budget? what’s that) and time freedom (doing whatever you want whenever you want!). In order to do that, the responsibility falls directly at your feet.

And my dear, this is fantastic news! Maybe scary, but fantastic.

I hired a coach and spent thousands. I wanted to be an A+ student/client and did everything she suggested. And what I learned was some of the stuff felt right and some didn’t.

And I had to choose. Take the input or not. Well, I took a lot of it, and some I didn’t…and the very act of committing to one way or another was freeing. I realized it felt good to have personal responsibility.

Use the exercise in the video DAILY! You will feel so empowered! Yeah, maybe still scared some but mostly empowered! Flex your personal responsibility muscle and you too will have your very own BIG BOLD LIFE & BIZ! 



I believe in you more than you will ever know,


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