Hello gorgeous!

Well, I was going to do a FB live training, in fact I had people signed  up, but I decided to not do it and shoot a video instead.

I am talking about: How to love yourself even when you are so busy you don’t know your own name.

So is that crazy that I decided to shoot the video instead of a live training?

Are you “allowed” to do that? What would people think? Would they be upset?

How to make decisions for yourself and for your business. AND how to love yourself even why you are so busy.

These things all go together!

 I just shot this in my hotel room in Maui. I know you will understand why when I tell you.

The topic is “Loving yourself even when you are so busy you barely know your own name.”

Yeah, we are in Maui. John is taking a stroll on the beach right now, River is zonked out after a day of snorkeling…and I am wishing you were here with me drinking tea and having big aha’s, just like I have had here on vacation.

I share something personal for the first time in this video…yikes.

Committing to being more transparent, more open, more available, reaching out more, sharing more…that is what my personal plan is this year and from now on. This is one of the things I am doing to love myself more even when I am busy.

Anyhow, here is the video, I hope it makes you think!!