Buck Naked

Not every day you are buck naked outside…maybe even with a bunch of strangers.

Bridges are a perfect metaphor for life, don’t you think?  This is the bridge that leads to Bagby Hot Springs here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Sitting buck naked in the soaking tub is a joy.

Many times people are naked when soaking…in these huge hollowed out tree trunks.

John and I are buck naked every time. It’s interesting. We cross this bridge, a metaphor (and literal) meaning to go somewhere else.
And crossing a bridge to go somewhere and be naked.

That is how I have felt every time I take the next leap in my business.

To reach the other side we must get buck naked and cross over mental blocks. Those blocks can make us feel the bridge is a thousand feet up in the air…and we are swaying.

So we cross to the other side, just to become naked. Vulnerable.

Like a birth.
And then we can grow.

Haven’t you noticed, with every growth spurt you have ever had in your life…biz or personal, you have felt vulnerable, maybe naked?
Whenever we start to think about time markers, whether the new year, or a birthday or an anniversary or a death…and goals achieved or not….we will be crossing over to something new.

We constantly want to be crossing over. Shedding the old and seeking the new.
Even if the new is familiar in a way. Just like the hot springs. We may know the trail well, but every time it looks anew.

Your business can be the same. It’s familiar, but with each leap, each new level, it looks anew.
So, pick a metaphor…bridges, naked, birth…

You know my point.  Get buck naked.

It’s time for you to move forward.

It’s time to pick a bridge and cross it.

It’s time to be naked, shedding the old.

It’s time for you to have the big, bold life & biz you long for.

It’s time you trust.

It’s time you own it.

It’s time you celebrate who you are and show up to the world in a bigger way.

Even if it feels like you are naked.


Finish this sentence:
Free time mean (__________) to me and I want (_________) of it. And you know when I want it? (________)!!! Even if I’m scared of heights! I am going to cross that bridge!

You want it now, you say?

How powerful you are right NOW. You get to choose…right now, literally right……..NOW!

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