My clients are all the same.

They are tired of wasting time trying to figure it all out themselves.

They are not happy that they “have to” reach out for support because they are so great at their biz, that it is not easy to admit they need a fresh pair of eyes to see their blind spots.

They are freaking brilliant, superstars within their chosen industry and I am honored to work with them. They are committed, diligent, hard working women.

They can’t say no when they should.


They just normal girls inside, that want to be happy, have free time, enjoy the simple things in life…easy, not stuffy AT ALL. You know, we could be in jeans, barefoot and chat biz, cry, laugh, tell jokes.

(okay for example here’s a funny one! I was prepping a client yesterday for her upcoming VIP DAY. She is coming to our Historic Red cabin on the Columbia River. I was telling her we went skinning dipping Sunday in the Columbia. We have a private beach. I told her she didn’t have to go skinning dipping when she comes in for the VIP DAY, and she said, “Mary, I won’t be skinny dipping, but that does put a whole new meaning to the “V” in VIP DAY!” We laughed. You get it, easy.)

Here 3 Big Money Pits my clients don’t see.

1. Sloppy time management. Every single client I have is wasting time. EVERY SINGLE CLIENT. We look at the processes, work flow, support staff. Now they think they have this tight, and then when I ask the right questions, and we really walk through it, yikes. Tons of wasted time = huge waste of money. This might include what software program they are or are not using, how the interface with team and clients, or incorporating AUTOMATION.

2. No concrete, tight marketing plan. AKA: winging it. The goal with a marketing plan is this; when you have an established one, you can flip the switch ON when you want more clients and flip the switch OFF when you are full. You can build your BUSINESS around your LIFESTYLE when your marketing is on point. (hey, are you taking as much time off this summer as you desire? if not, it is in part due to your marketing plan!)

3. Saying YES when you should be saying NO. This is partly do to co-dependency (for example you say, “I can’t say no to a new client because I really want to help them.”) or out of fear (for example, you say, “I don’t know when I am going to get another client so I can’t say no because I am afraid of losing out on the business.”) This is lack of effective marketing plan, or because your fee structures are not supporting you AKA: you are too cheap!!

So honestly, when you look at this list, I know it looks so OBVIOUS! but literally every client has to have tweaks here…and can I tell you, my collegues and I also are vigilant about being on top of these things.

You want more time?

You want more money?

These things are what are destroying your business, are big money pits and are keeping you from having the life you want.

Remember, you are a business owner so you can make a ton of money, work less, and do something you love…. if you don’t LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your biz and lifestyle right now… maybe you aren’t doing things right. or maybe you shouldn’t be in business?

Listen, I believe in YOU!! email me and let me know which one of these is your BIGGEST MONEY PIT

hugs, Mary