How’s it going, gorgeous?

Wanted to share with you ideas about some of the emotions of building a BUSINESS

Have you ever thought about it? We hear words like: upleveling, mindset, excitement, plateau, growth, blocks, well you know the list goes on!!

Or have you ever thought this…”omg, is what I’m feeling normal?” or “I don’t even want to tell anyone I’m feeling like this because I should have it all together.” or “why isn’t my biz further along?” or “what the hell did I decide to do this for?”


Or maybe you just cry.

Or maybe you just get pissed.

Or maybe you just yell at your honey, your kids, your dog….


MAYBE, you get upset with your coach or your mentor, you “project”  (Psychology. to ascribe one’s own feelings, thoughts, or attitudes to others.) your emotional crisis onto them…and maybe blame them for your INACTION or maybe even for your, yes, wait for it……your SUCCESS.


Or maybe you do all the above and more.


And you do this because you are caught up in the emotions of growth. You are caught up in your own expansion and all your emotional stuff comes up. All of those yummy triggers in your subconscious come up and scream:



Yeah, kinda messy right??

Well, no.

Not when you are able to recognize some of this as NORMAL!!


Yep, I said it! NORMAL!


Recently, I had a couple of clients grow and then get extremely UN-nerved by this.


Yes, they made thousands AND thousands of dollars, had BIG, HUGE opportunities before them, worked with new clients….they implemented the coaching to a point, well to their TRIGGER POINT.


And then, yeah, I’m gonna say it, then they:


They were unaware of the emotions of building a business.


Their growth and increased visibility caused them to become scared. Caused them to start sabotaging their success. Caused them to become not easy to work with. Caused them to try and bail on themselves and on me. It shook me a little bit, too. I had to get grounded in the FACT that this is about THEIR growth and for me NOT to take it personally.


The lesson in all of this was to make sure that I talk more about the evolution of building a biz NOT just from the biz building aspect but from the emotional and mindset place. And that I become more of aware of it within myself and within my business!



I have freaked out, too. When I hit my first 10k month(worth issue), when I hosted my first telesummit (visibility issue), my 70K month (success issue)….well, and other times, too, meeting John (trust issues)….omg, and then I reach for some sugar!!


We all have levels of freak out, right? Yes, that is all normal….to a point.


It is helpful to understand yourself. Your own triggers. Your own blindspots. And to understand what happens to you while building a business.


First we get all excited.

We may be nervous but we invest in the coach, or a program.

We commit to being master implementers.

We allow ourselves to start to embrace we have a big vision for the world and want to make a big difference!!



And then we start doing some of the work…and here is one place we may get stuck. Stuck in the place of perfectionism. Doing it “right”, saying it “right”, making sure it looks just “right”—anyone relating here??

We may even start to have the potential for clients, but then we don’t get our CALENDARS tight, our biz structures in place…

And then we get clients, and we start making money, and then our money blocks come up, our worthiness issues surface (you know the “who do you think you are” whispers).

Maybe we start to sabotage here, not following through on the “todo” list.

Or getting angry.

Oh, what about if you start earning more than your man?

or, your girlfriends feel jealous?


We need to learn how to persevere. To push through. To be gentle with ourselves.

To acknowledge our fear and KNOW that it has a job! Fear’s job is to protect us from failure, from hurt, from rejection, from change….from (fill in your blank here).


AND, once we DO PUSH THROUGH, omg, then we have to remember how we did it BECAUSE at each new level of success, visibility, growth etc. that shit comes up again!!! When it does, and you can recognize “Suzie”, and this time you being in IT is less and less. Then you get to enjoy the process of the biz, your clients, your success, your message, everything runs smoothly for awhile, you begin to allow yourself to be present in all around you, your life & your biz. AND then a new level comes….well, you caught on didn’t you!




  • What is your personal cycle?


  • What are your personal steps?



What you are feeling is normal…you don’t have to pray about it to see if this is right, you don’t have ask everyone what their opinion is, you have to trust that this is a normal part of EVOLVING!

So today, gorgeous, grant yourself some grace and spend a little time acknowledging if you are in a evolving place and how you are handling it.

What do you need from your coach, from your accountability partner, from yourself to help you ease through this?



One of the exercises I give clients is to name your fear. And a nice name to, NOT inner bitch, or something nasty, but something like Suzie, or Bob.



Make friends with Suzie so when she shows up you don’t HATE her! You can simply ask her, “hi Suzie, you are here again, what is it you are trying to show me or protect me from,” AND THEN listen….get quiet and listen.


You have all the answers within you, beautiful, listen and allow yourself the grace of embracing your evolution.


Yes, I know it can be scary. But it can also be the most empowering thing of your life, to become all you came here to be in the world and share yourself!!


To build a business to make a big, bold difference in the lives of THE MANY who are waiting for you to get over your fears because it is only YOUR VOICE, YOUR MESSAGE that they will be able to hear!!




What’s that saying, the best self-improvement course on the planet is BUILDING YOUR OWN BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ!




Hugs! I believe in YOU!!