Are you an underearner?

I have so many women who come to me with this phenomenon!
And really it is insidious….and I had it, too!!
What was the cure? having a plan, support and working on that mindset stuff…you will hear more about this in the next few days.
We are socialized to not want more, to be the “good girl” as if wanting more meant we were BAD.
You are not BAD, I know you aren’t!
You want a rockin’ amazing BIG LIFE & BIZ!
One of the books that truly changed my life was/is:
Barabara Stanny’s book, “Secrets of Six-Figure Women”.
In it she gathered data from over 150 women earning between $100k to $7 million.
What she said about under-earners is this, they: (I added action steps for you)
1. have a HIGH TOLERANCE for low pay….some women actually said it had never occurred to the to ask for more.
(action step: think about what it would be like to increase you rate 10%, now imagine 20%, now double. how can you increase your rate and ask for it from THE VERY NEXT POTENTIAL CLIENT)
2. are willing to work for FREE. (action step: ask yourself, M, when was the last time I gave valuable info away, gave a tip, strategy, or allowed someone to “pick your brain” over coffee? The next time someone asks, you ca simply say, “oh, Sally, that is exactly the thing I work with my clients on, let’s schedule a time to discuss how we can work together.”)
3. lousy negotiator. (action step: your money mindset, how often do you work on it? When was the last time you felt comfortable asking for your rate? Develop a systematized Sales Conversation {{like my training THE ART OF THE ASK, HOW TO CLOSE 80% OF YOUR CLIENTS TODAY}})
4. underestimate their worth. (action step: write down EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING you know how to do and that you do with your clients!! AND focus on the RESULTS & BENEFITS that they get because of you!! )
5. practice reverse snobbery. (action step: money mindset again, write down you thoughts & beliefs about people with money. Isn’t it logical if you think for example, “people with money work too hard” that perhaps this is one of the reasons you are NOT working hard??)
6.believe in the nobility of poverty. (action step: Ask yourself if you feel “good” about helping people for free. You will know if this is you if you say things like, “I just want to help people, I’m not in it for the money.”)
7. subtle self-saboteurs: (action step: write down what you do every day for a week. Are you wasting time? Not following up? Blaming the economy?)
8. unequivocally codependent. (action step: When was the last time you put someone else’s dreams and desires before yours, or rather AT THE COST OF YOURS?? what can you do today to stop?)
9. live in financial chaos. (action step: take Mary’s Mini Money Assessment. or look at your financials, do you track? are you late on payments? do you have a smooth system for clients to pay you? can you clearly share your services and your rate?)
Man, oh, man, I think of where I was not long ago. I had my own house, worked at Hopkin’s, drove my convertible, and didn’t HAVE A CLUE about the fact that I was an UNDEREARNER!!
It was scary to recognize myself years ago in this list.
Is it scary for you now??
Good news!! You, too, can change, can learn, can commit, can gift yourself a new life & biz!!
Send me a note and tell me your thoughts!
I believe in you~!