She shared how much she charges for her services. And then she said with a wince, “I know that’s a lot.”

With a wince.

That’s a lot.

I had to ask her why the wince??

“I would never pay that much” she said.

Why, I asked? Why wouldn’t you pay x$ for your service?

“I can’t imagine spending that much on myself.”

But your offer is fantastic, you’ve told me of your client successes…so why not? It’s a great value.

“Well, I don’t know, I just can’t imagine paying someone a lot of money for something that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.”

Couple things here….dear reader,

First, how many times do we undervalue our selves and our services JUST because they may come easily to us! If anything shouldn’t we charge MORE because since what we do to support our clients comes easily, we probably way over deliver!

And secondly, if you wouldn’t spend x$ on the service you are selling….and you wonder why you aren’t selling more, here is the answer—

You will sell more of your services if you create a product you are proud enough to buy yourself!Click To Tweet

And thirdly, your money mindset is a living breathing growing thing inside of you! You must attend to it daily!!



And I could go on, but lastly….If you are not selling more, it may be your money mindset….and your actual ABILITY to have a great sales conversation.

If you don’t believe in your product, it is hard to sell it. It is hard to learn how to CONVEY THE VALUE…and the ROI! (grab this sales script here)

Do you ever wonder if your own limiting money beliefs IMPACT your being able to close more deals?

Do you ever wonder if your own limiting money beliefs IMPACT your client believing in the value of your offer?

Do you ever wonder if you allowed yourself to BELIEVE in the abundance of money everywhere…you could make more?

Do you ever wonder if you allowed yourself to truly enjoy what you have NOW….you would open a door to allow more in?

When you think of WEALTH

What’s YOUR “crazy big dream?”

What’s YOUR why?

Why do you do what you do?

What drives you??

Doesn’t matter HOW you ask it, the bottom line is why do you get outta bed in the morning?

Do you want to travel?


Time with you kids?

Can you answer the question without judging it? Without guilt? Without shame? That is the truest measure of successfully overcoming all your limiting beliefs about money and success.

Too often I meet women who apologize for what they want! This must stop, now, today, this very moment. Click To Tweet

Somehow they were given the message that their wants, desires and crazy big dream was WRONG or that they were not worthy. Women need to be wealthy. 

This pains me, deeply. Even as I type this I am welling up.

YOU deserve everything that is in your heart!

YOU deserve to do the work you LOVE!

YOU deserve to be happy!

YOU deserve to have a great sense of love and admiration for YOURSELF and YOUR glorious gifts that the world needs!!!

Who is waiting for you to shed your limiting beliefs??

When I finally shed my limiting beliefs around money, potential and all the other stuff I needed to purge! I was able to ALLOW myself to the live the lifestyle I love!

Even though my business brings in more than enough money for all my dreams to come true…


But the real definition of wealth to me is how is this impacting my lifestyle?

In the photo above, there is a picture of me at one of my speaking events. I love speaking! I get the honor of being in front of groups of dynamic, amazing women and get to share with them how to have a BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ.  And you can also see John and River holding hands as they hiking (I love those shots, I have so many from all of years of hiking, I feel so blessed to have this little family) and you see me at a waterfall! Love hiking!

You see we all define wealth differently, we all want a different lifestyle and that is cool. Me, I want to have the heels, the hiking boots, Fridays off, traveling several times a year for long stretches and mini getaways, I want the housekeeper twice a week, gorgeous food, a beautiful house….tons of time with River and John….and

I want happy, prosperous, successful clients!! Because without them, guess what…I wouldn’t be able to do the work I love and am very good at! So for me wealth is money, doing the work I love and time freedom!

Yes, River (my daughter) and I are what I describe as TOMBOY DIVAS…we love our hiking boots and our heels (for me) and cool sneakers (for her).

how to get better at defining wealth by living your daily money mantras and using a limitless belief system

As a mama, being able to demonstrate to my daughter that yes, you CAN HAVE IT ALL, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, is priceless…gives me the sense of being wealthy in mind, spirit and heart.

Yes, the money allows the “rich” lifestyle we lead, but there is so much more to it all.

The “wealth” doesn’t just come from the money, it comes for the freedom of judging myself, of being able to fully support my clients, it comes from options.

What are YOUR options? What could YOU do if you a. knew how, b. allowed yourself or c. learned how to love and honor your gifts so you could bring them to the world??

Maybe you don’t ever want to be a TOMBOY DIVA, and that is cool…Today, ask yourself, honestly, what is your CRAZY BIG DREAM, maybe the one you have never told a soul!

What do you need to release so you can have it?

What do you need to DO to get it?

Here are some examples of LIMITLESS BELIEFS around money!


  • Pick 5 mantras/beliefs
  • WRITE them down on post-its (and then put them up everywhere)
  • Get a few 3×5 cards and stick them in your purse.
  • Say them daily for 30 days.
  • Document how you feel on day one and then on day 30.
  • What has improved?
  • Where do you feel freer?
  • How has this impacted your life and your business?
  • Do you feel more empowered?
  • Do you feel less afraid?

I am ready and open to wealth.

I am wealthy.

Wealth is my divine inheritance.

I have more than enough money.

I choose my beliefs about money.

I am 100% worthy of money that it comes to me instantly and easily.

Millions of dollars and millions of smiles are coming my way.

I love accumulating wealth exponentially. It is my divine birthright.

God is the source of my income and God wants me to experience infinite abundance.

I enjoy the energy of money.

Money provides me everything that I need and is thrilled to do so.

Money wants to support me in having a rich, joyful, abundant and balanced life.

I respect money.

My money is valuable.

I will make lots of money this year.

I have more than enough money.

I choose my beliefs about money.

I always have money.

I am making more money every day.

I am a money magnet.

I am debt free.

Abundance is my birthright.

My savings grow daily.

Moneymaking opportunities always come my way.

Prosperity follows me.

I feel good about money

Money is always there for me

I always have more than enough money

All of my needs and desires are abundantly met

Everyone I know is oozing with money

There is a plentitude of money around me all of the time

Money easily flows through me and to me

My income is constantly increasing

I am always connected with God who is my abundant source for all financial things

I am abundantly provided for in all ways

I create great wealth daily  I prosper everywhere I turn.

I am a money magnet.

Money comes easily and frequently

I love money.

Money loves me.

Money is attracted to me.

I have all the money I need.

Money, money, money.

I am financially successful.

I will make all the right decisions with my money.

All my money will be spent wisely.

I respect money.

My money is valuable.

I will make lots of money this year.

I have more than enough money.

I have prosperity in my life.

Money is drawn into my life.

My money is growing.


Here’s to YOU living the life of wanting it all, having it all and being BRAVE AND BOLD enough to enjoy it, unapologetically!




Call me: Mary’s Calendar. We will look at how you can have a BOLD LIFE & BIG PROFITS so you can have the lifestyle you want!

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