Do you do this?

Do you own your credentials and abilities OR do you minimize them?

Do you ask for testimonials OR worry that you can’t go backward and get them from previous clients?

So many times I am in a conversation with a client, or another successful woman and it is almost like she accidentally “slipped” and shared something remarkable about herself. I have a client who had NASA as a client, a client who was on FASHION STAR, a client whose revenue is over 10 million, a client who has built other business but “now I’m in a different field” so she has minimized it…

All of these women are wonderful and brilliant and have a history of amazing experiences and talents that need to be shared.

You see, we build our businesses based all around our experiences as well as our credentials…but not having “credentials” in a certain area doesn’t mean we need to hold back!

Often times people feel they need to continue to get this certification or that certification to be READY, or CAPABLE…now I’m not saying don’t get educated, but what I am saying is don’t use this as a reason not to move forward.

Someone actually said this the other day, that the term for this is a CERTIFICATION WH*RE. Well, I didn’t like that term, but you get the point.

What are you great at? And what are you certified in? AND does it matter????

So did you know, I have a degree in interior design? People ask me how that has anything to do with psychotherapy or biz/success coaching….easy.

I am an expert at taking large quantities of information and distilling it down to a plan….a pretty bedroom plan, or a pretty mental health plan or a PRETTY, ROCKIN’ FABO BOLD A*S BIZ PLAN!!

Do I feel badly that I am not “using” my design degree?


Because through it I recognized one of my skills.

Boy, I know you have some mad skills! What are they? What are they in all areas of your life??

Here are a few questions to ask yourself…..and an easy way to get testimonials!
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Still not sure how to create you biz plan, or how to maximize your experiences and credentials so you feel super CONFIDENT! IN YOUR BIZ??

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