Yes, you gotta do it all in the beginning, and then again when you are building…

Recently one of my all star, rock star clients said to me she feels like she is the finder, minder and grinder…and of course, I told her I was gonna use that for a blog post…right?
What did she mean by that?
We have to wear many hats in business.
The Finder: where are my people?
The Minder: what’s going on with everyone?
The Grinder: why do I have to do it all?

What does that even mean, finder, minder & grinder?

Find out here:


I get it. Sometimes it feels like all we do is work. Especially when you are transitioning, or growing, or starting.
But take a moment…how high are you willing to climb in your business? How bold are you going to be? How brave?
Sometimes we must wear all three hats in order to have the business we want.
As a biz woman…
What do you want? For yourself? For your family? For your kids?
Who is inspiring to you?
Who is holding you back?
Do you allow yourself to celebrate the wins? Say, when you find new clients?
Have you developed a system to “mind” the store, the biz, the shop?
Or are you in constant grinding it all out mode?
You do not have to wear these 3 hats all of the time, but you do have to ask yourself…what you want…and
Ask yourself…how high am I willing to climb in my business? And then ask, what is holding me back?

Are you always THE FINDER, MINDER & GRINDER? and still can’t figure it out…reach out to someone for support…

Remember, not everyone is brave and bold enough to climb high, but YOU ARE, right?!!
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We will find out what you need to do to climb higher!!