Going on vacation to the Mexico is fantastic. I couldn’t help wonder what I could learn about biz from the experience.

Here are 10 Biz Lessons I learned in Mexico

Here’s one of the photo collages of me jumping into the

Cenotes Tamcach-Ha.

The cenotes is an underground cave, semi filled with water. Can I tell you what, I was terrified!!

A. I don’t like to be cold and wet

B. It was DARK in there except for a tiny light

C. (and probably should have had this as A.) we were in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Literally, 2 hours outside of Cancun.

D. There were bats.

We drove done a winding  road, paid the guy 2.50 each to drive further down a winding road, to the parking lot.

There were only about 5 other cars there.

We were greeted by two mothers, one was human breastfeeding her sweet peanut, and the other was one of the millions of stray dogs running around Mexico. How it ended up out here in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE is beyond me. She had 8 pups, “no River we can’t keep one”

Anyway, many lessons from the trip.


I met so many people who were trying to figure out what to do, how much to spend, and trying to be “on the cheap”. What kind of vacation is that? Didn’t they plan before they arrived? In business, it is so important to have a plan so you know what you can go for, who you want to hire as a coach, what kind of packages you have to offer, the look of your website, hiring an assistant, or even a housekeeper. If you don’t have a plan of action for what you want your business to do, you are going to be just like the MASSES and just getting by. And worrying about how to be “on the cheap”….that is a whole other blog post….so keep a look out for that issue about “MONEY MINDSET, WEALTH CONSICOUSNESS & WHY YOU ARE POOR”

ACTION STEP: Outline a plan of action for how you want to build, what you want to invest and how you want to charge your clients. You are so capable of having a rich abundant life. Everything is waiting for you…all the good stuff. If you have longing for it, that means you have the capacity to have it! #beBOLDitsTIME (photos of Coba Ruins)stairs mexcio collage


I have been to Hawaii several times. This time it was a big resort outside of Cancun. My family and I decided we wanted to enjoy the sights and sounds and then evaluate whether we liked Mexico or Hawaii better. (Hawaii won out). In business, you have to decide who to invest in to support your growth and what each program has to offer. One of the easiest ways to do this is by studying what the person has as a free offer or class. If your are getting good stuff out of the “free” teachings, imagine if you invested in the actually programs or coaching.

ACTION STEP: Pick two different coaches/programs from two different coaches. Read up on them, get on their email list, follow them and try out an inexpensive program or free class. Then you will know who you will want to work with and why. You are so able to make this decision. And really it is just a decision, who do you want to work with and why? You know you will save time, make more and flourish faster when you have a coach, so pick one. (course, would love it to be me, but pick someone)


Yes, I slept. Not very well. And there are many nights even at home I don’t sleep great. But nothing beats my own bed. Have you ever been tempted to model yourself after someone else? You try on their language, their words, their business plan and it doesn’t work. And worse still, is you have a longing for being yourself and you continue to HIDE. The longing is the painful part, just like wanting to sleep in your own bed. ACTION STEP: Have you truly allowed yourself to be visible? You know, use your ideas, speak in your language, design a lifestyle around what you want and build a business that makes you feel alive? Where can you improve this TODAY? You have incredible ideas. I wonder how many you have

ACTION STEP: Have you truly allowed yourself to be visible? You know, use your ideas, speak in your language, design a lifestyle around what you want and build a business that makes you feel alive? Where can you improve this TODAY? You have incredible ideas. I wonder how many you have kept all to your beautiful self? The world is waiting for the thing only YOU can say. bed in mexcio frame


So many people have to worry about when to “get back to work”. So many people were counting their moments when they “had to” return to work. So concerned about working on someone else’s timetable, someone else’s goals, and taking the leftovers for themselves. This is my biggest mission in life and that is to support women in getting out of the rat race, creating wealth, living their purpose, and finally, loving themselves enough to succeed!

ACTION STEP: What would your CRAZY BIG DREAM LIFE & BIZ LOOK LIKE if you didn’t settle for the leftovers in life? You are designed to do amazing things. You have a longing to be more and have more, and guess what YOU can!


When you travel, why is it people waste time not being prepared? They forgot this, or didn’t bring that. Why? I have always gone by the motto, “care enough to be prepared”. I am so focused on this when I speak, when I run a group, when my clients come in for their VIP days and sessions. It is critical to your success to be prepared.

ACTION STEP: Are you prepared for success? Do you have all of the basics set up for success. For example, do you have a signature program? Do you have a clear way to actually have a client pay you? Do you have a signature talk? A webinar? Who is your target market? Would you know your perfect client if she sat down next to you? What are the missing areas of your business? If you can’t answer this, that’s a BIG PROBLEM and you should see if we can chat. Book an appointment with me: BeBoldCallwithMary.com We will go through the checklist of what you may be missing. You think you don’t know where to start, I want to assure you, it is so much easier than you think it is. But, you won’t know this until you do it.


Okay, here’s my little rant. The weather was gorgeous. The accommodations divine. The pool and cabanas perfection. The staff excellent. And yet, there she was. You know her when you see her. Finger pointing, talking loudly to some poor soul who found the only empty seat next to her at the pool. And complaining, whining and bitching. “it’s so hot”, “they don’t serve me fast enough”…and more. Did the poor soul get up? No. Just stayed and nodded. I had to walk away or I almost felt compelled to tell her to shut up and then look at the poor soul and say WTF, why are you listening. You have to be careful who you listen to. Someone is always going to be bitching about their business, their life, their clients and so on. Protect yourself.

ACTION STEP: Ask yourself if there are any people bitching to you about their situations? What are you doing to protect yourself? Are you the one bitching? If so to either one, STOP. You have the power to stop. Use it. You deserve to be with people who will champion you! Will honor who you are! You deserve to love your ideas! To be around other powerful, extraordinary women who will think you are fantastic!


Sometimes “people” will tell you what they think you should do. They will try to get you to, for example, buy a timeshare. They will pitch you hard to sign up for the FREE BREAKFAST and 10% off your bill, and tickets to this and tickets to that, it’s only an hour. (don’t do it). I never sign up for a thing. It’s not worth my time. And that is what it is all about, YOUR TIME. When you own your own biz, you call the shots based on what YOU want to do with your time.

ACTION STEP: Where in your life/calendar/business can you say NO? Where do you need to call the shots on what you want? Your life is precious. You are here for a purpose. Give yourself the gift of allowing YOU to do for YOU!


I have never seen so many people trying to make some money on the side of the road. And no, I don’t mean prostitutes. You could buy Danish right out of a truck, a guy was selling tacos from a bike on the corner of the gas station, one man was selling bottled water with slices of coconut in it, or this and that…waving us in to this area or that area. I have never been more thankful of the opportunity to own my own business, design my lifestyle, and become wealthy helping other women live their purpose and Crazy Big Dream.

ACTION STEP: what are you grateful for in your life and business? Be specific. What lives are you changing, what time freedom do you have, what legacy are you leaving your family, what are you doing with the wealth you are creating? You are reading this for a reason, because YOU have a great desire you want to share with the world! We are all waiting!


I over packed again. All I needed was a few bathing suits, work out clothes, one dress, few cover ups and my ipad. Same with biz. When you first start out you think you need so much to be done before you even have a client. You think you must invest in an expensive website, biz cards, branding, the best of the best of the best and NOW. I don’t know how much money I have saved my clients because there were so many items they were going to invest in and based on their business needs, well, they didn’t really need them. AND I at one time wanted to create this program and another program and then yet, another. Too much.

ACTION STEP: What do you actually NEED right now to get a new client? Are you being busy with creating programs and packages you don’t need yet? It is critical for you to understand how to market your one program first. This is actually pretty simple, but most people need help with it, I did. You have a million great ideas, right?! Yes! It is all about being strategic in putting them out in the world.


Eating in a foreign country is hard when you have several food allergies. You have to be flexible. Just like in your business. Sometimes when we start out and then change the track we are running on, we see it as failure. It is not, it is being flexible. So many entrepreneurs beat themselves up if their first idea or thought wasn’t “it” or didn’t work out quite like they planned. It’s okay, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Remember, part of building a biz is the building process, part of growing a biz is the evolution that takes place, frankly, must take place.

ACTION STEP: Where could you be more open and flexible with your business model? Did you start out thinking, say, you were only going to offer one option and now you are open to offering more? Or perhaps, you have changed your target market slightly because you have realized that who you thought you wanted to work with, wasn’t quite it. Today, give yourself a break and be flexible. You have the ability to evolve your business, you will evolve in the process, enjoy thinking about the woman you are becoming!

BONUS TIP…..go for it…If in doubt in biz, do something, ANYTHING NEW…even if it scares the crap outta ya! (photo jumping into

Cenotes Tamcach-Ha)

Go For It In Business


So there you have it….

Here are 10 Biz Lessons I learned in Mexico


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