We all have reasons why we do what we do.

My motivator….her name is River.

We all have reasons why we don’t do what we know we should and could do.

Reasons, excuses…sometimes they feel like they are one in the same.

Some people use their kids as an excuse why the don’t take action to make a BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER LIFE & BIZ….

“I gotta wait until little Jimmy is in school, on break, it’s Christmas, after the holiday, outta school, here is summer, and my list goes on and on….boring everyone who will listen.”

Well, everyone except those who share the same list of excuses.

And then there are those of us who hold our children up to the light, and see them as our driving reason to become bigger, better and bolder with our lives and our businesses.

We want to demonstrate to them that we as women can indeed have thriving, profitable and exciting businesses AND we can still be the home room mama, we can still walk them to school, we can still tuck them in bed at night, we can still have time for them and us and our self care and everything we DREAM OF.

Yes, everything we DREAM OF.

And we are hell bent on being the kind of role model our precious gift from God looks to when she/he wants and needs inspiration, words of wisedom, awareness of what can be, the role model for money, love, self-care, confidence, honor, integrity, ethics, morals, gumption, passion…..you get it.

My motivator is my beautiful daughter, River.

She is eight years old, long golden hair that seems to always need a good brush through it, glasses (depending on the outfit either purple or red), a fangly smile with missing teeth, and long, long legs that will be the envy of many.

Yesterday morning, she got up, I can hear her jumping from her junior bunk bed to the floor, went into the kitchen and started the Magic Bullet. I wondered what she was making. She is at the age she can get herself a little something to eat if she likes. I was lying in bed reading, The Millionaire Fastlane.

A few minutes later she walks into my bedroom carrying a tray with my morning tea (in this cute tea pot-tea cup combo) and my smoothie.

She is gracious. She is generous. She is thoughtful.

I hugged and kissed her and thanked her for showing me some love.

She said, “I have been planning it for a while.”

So what’s with this story? Not just to share that I have a great kid.

But the more important thing.

It was 9:00 A.M. on a Monday morning. She was off school for the holiday break.

And because she has a mama who has a thriving business and is committed to working less and making more so I can spend time with she and her father….she found me in bed at 9:00 A.M. reading.

Not rushing to work.

Not already at work.

Not stressed.

But reading, in bed, on a Monday morning at 9.

Do you think those times when I was crying thinking, “how am I gonna learn how to make this work???” matter?

Do you think those times when I was having thoughts like:

can I do this?

who will hire me?

do I really know enough?

will people judge me?

am I too old?

am I enough?????

Do those times matter?


They are all part of the growing, the evolution of having a business.

So my motivator is my daughter, Felicity River Bicknell. ((Felicity means happy, and River is a spiritual and life metaphor for abundance and journey. Felicity River: aka Happy Life’s Journey).

Who is your motivator?

Of course, I built this business and teach other women to design their perfect lifestyle and then we look at building the biz to support it, I built this for ME TOO.

For the ME who didn’t have a ME as a role model.

For the ME who wants to see how much I can do.

For the ME who likes kicking ass and freakin’ goin’ for it!

For the ME who was told, “Mary you think too much, you feel too much, you this and you that….”

For the ME who is my own greatest cheerleader.

For the ME who wants so badly to be a role model and mentor to other women and say YES YOU CAN!

Do you wonder how to get further in your life & biz?

Who is YOUR motivator??

Do I love the fact John is able to be at home with River and prep the craft for the holiday party?


Do I love the fact that I get to be the home room mama AND building a thriving international business?



Who or what is YOUR motivator??

And if you don’t know, call me. #beBoldit’stime.


You deserve to have the biggest, boldest life & biz you could EVER DREAM OF!!

Best to you,