How to Create a Vision Board So You Can Start Your Goals Off Right

Having a vision board is one of the keys to many success stories. What do you have in store for yourself this year? When do you make your vision board, goal poster, dream board, desire map?  You know, the thing you hang up so your subconscious mind works to make it all happen.

How powerful these posters are! I have had one hanging around for years.  Well, I should say not just one, because I make new ones whenever I am ready to up-level my life, my body, my biz or my relationships.

Here is the process for creating your VISION BOARD

1. Decide on a theme. What do you want to aspire to do, think or feel? How do you want to show up in the world? For example, my theme for the next 12 months is conscious calculated clarity in all areas of my life & biz. I want to CONSCIOUSLY decide what I want, I will consciously CALCULATE what plan of action needs to happen in order to make my desire come to fruition.  I will have crystal CLARITY when it comes to leaping from THE EDGE OF MY OWN EVOLUTION.

2. Collect a ton of magazines. Too many is the right amount!

3. Browse slowly through the magazines.  DREAM, IMAGINE, and DESIRE what you see and what you read.

4. Connect with the emotion of what you are seeing, what you are feeling, what you are desiring!  {That is part of the magic here. The spice, the excitement, the juice…and that is connecting to what your heart is singing for.}

5. Decide on a few words and images. Tear or cut out them out.

6. Place in the center of your poster the word “RELATIONSHIPS.” And, in each corner put “MIND,” “BODY,” “SPIRIT” and “MONEY.”  You see, your relationships are the center of your life. What kind of relationships do you want? The relationship center touches the four other corner stones as well. What kind of relationship do you have with your M/B/S/$?  And for each of the four corners {the cornerstones of your life} find pictures and words that support that desire/feeling/image.

7. Hang in a place you will see it everyday. {I put my new one up in my office because I make it a practice to stare at it when it is new! But eventually, it becomes background noise. So then, can I tell you, it goes in my bathroom. I KNOW I will “have” to look at it several times a day} Stop and truly ponder what you want. And truthfully, after a while you will forget to look at this directly, but your subconscious has been re-programmed with these new desires and images and will be working on making them come true!

My theme of Conscious, Calculated, Clarity will inform all of my decisions.

Below you will find two vision board videos.  I show what has come true and what I am still working on!  There are 3 vision boards total.

Not sure what your theme is? What to focus on with your vision board? Maybe you haven’t allowed yourself to have a BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ DREAM…? Your love life? Send me an email or get on my calendar so I can answer your questions: MARY’S CALENDAR